Zawodny Joining Craigslist In July

    June 19, 2008

Last week Yahoo’s MySQL guru, Jeremy Zawodny announced he would be leaving the company.

Today on his blog Zawodny revealed that he would be moving on to Craigslist. He said he was contacted via email by Craigslist CTO, Eric Scheide who said they were searching for someone with MySQL experience.

Zawodny writes on his blog," I replied that I might be interested myself and things kind of took on a life of their own from there. In the weeks that followed, I got the chance to meet much of the team (including CEO Jim Buckmaster and Craig himself). Each time I came away liking more and more about the team."

Zawodny expressed enthusiasm about joining Craigslist."The site is growing like a weed (still!), the people are great, and the focus is on providing a great service that anyone can use."

He did mention one key challenge about working for Craigslist. "The only real downside is that Craigslist is in San Francisco and I’m in San Jose. So if you have thoughts on getting to the vicinity of 9th and Judah using public transit, let me know."