Zach Sobiech Dies: YouTube Star Succumbs to Cancer

By: Josh Wolford - May 21, 2013

Zach Sobiech, a Minnesota teen who inspired millions through his battle with a rare bone cancer, has died at the age of 18.

Sobiech battled the terminal cancer, osteosarcoma, from the age of 14. Last year, a song he penned about his illness called “Clouds” went viral on YouTube,

“With heavy hearts, we are saddened to share that Zach Sobiech passed away this morning. Zach was at home and at peace with those he loved most. Zach’s life ended just as he lived, embraced by the love of his family, friends, grace and music,” says The Children’s Cancer Research Fund.

“Cancer may have taken Zach too soon, but he leaves a lasting legacy that most of us will never achieve. His message of love and hope delivered through infectious lyrics and memorable tunes have imprinted on the minds and hearts of millions around the world. Zach became a beacon of light and benevolence in a world that sometimes weighs too heavily. In turn, he received a flood of well-wishes that helped him, and his loved ones, smile through tremendous pain and worry.”

Zach recorded two albums worth of music, which helped raised money for awareness and research for his rare disease. His fight attracted nationwide attention, including that of many celebrities.

If you want to donate to Zach’s cause, you can do so here.

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  • anaida

    Im so sorry for your lost, my heart broke reading Zach is gone, My tears and prayers are with you and Zach, may God bless him and hold him in his arms…My heart goes out to you…He is watching from the clouds were the view is definitely a little nicer…

  • Kathleen

    My heart is heavy with the news of his passing. He truly lives on in his music that has touched so many. What a brave, courageous and beautiful person he seemed to be who was blessed with such a close and loving family. I love how he thanked his parents for being who they were for him. Just lovely.

  • tarah

    Zach is now watching us from the clouds im 9 years old and ill be singing his song on my last talent show, im really sad he is gone, but what place can be better than with God, Im sad for his mom and loved ones because im sure the emptiness left behind is just to great to deal with. I send hugs
    and prayers for his loving family, who are brokenhearted, but angels dont belong here, they belong in with God and amognst the clouds…we will meet him in the clouds

  • Bonnie Huber

    I am so sorry for your family , just remember Zach will always be with all of you. We will never forger him, all we have to do is listen to his wonderful music.

    Zach will live on forever

  • debra

    Zach is a beautiful reminder of who we strive to be,what a gift he is to us all.

  • Cathy Nieuwhof

    I learned about Zach today. WOW is all I can say,,,very sad and prays for his family and friends who took him under their wings to help him through his difficult journey. But watchin it I can see why and how everybody fell in love with him right away. He is a beautiful young man and who now is touching millions of people and making them away of the childrens cancer foundation. What a wonderful legacy he has left. His parents have to be so so so so proud of their son and it is a testiment to them. His belief in God helped him through this also,,,,but he is in the clouds now watching his loved ones and waiting for them to come and float in the clouds with him. THANK YOU ZACH for showing us how precious life is and how to really live. You have touched my heart as you have millions of hearts around the world. So my pray is that the family will lean on his legacy to help them through this very difficult time. Time doesnt heal it allows us to accept and move on and to realize what life, love and family are all about. Thank you mr and mrs sobiech,,,,and god be with you….