Zac Efron 'Running Wild' with Bear Grylls, Bares Those Abs Once Again

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It seems highly unlikely that we'd ever see Zac Efron in anything — including MTV award shows — without taking his shirt off to bare those beautiful abs. Even in his latest adventure — heading off to the wild to survive under the tutelage of Bear Grylls — he doesn't disappoint.

Famous survivalist Bear Grylls lured in some famous celebs, including Ben Stiller, Channing Tatum, Deion Sanders, Tom Arnold, and The Today Show‘s Tamron Hall, to go on remote adventures with him for his new NBC reality show Running Wild.

Efron’s episode joins the twosome as they venture into New York's Catskill Mountains to repel down cliffs and jump out of helicopters — shirtless, of course.

In a clip from the episode, Grylls and Efron are seen standing at the top of a high cliff with their shirts still on. Grylls takes Efron through his 'survival' plan in order for the duo to overcome their obstacle.

Bear's first survival tip?

Take those shirts off ...

Next, Efron was told to stuff his shirt in his backpack and throw the backpack in the water below. That way, they'd have something dry to put on after the jump. Don't want to suffer from hypothermia, needless to say.

Wondering how difficult it was for the producers to come up with a survival plan in order to "give us a reason" to get Zac's abs exposed?

Gotta love Efron's reaction. He obeys, because he is in the wild and needs Grylls' expertise. But he does not comply without expressing his reluctance. With a grunt as the camera pans in to get a better view of those abs, he removes the offending shirt.

Perhaps The Neighbors star thought this would be one show where he wouldn't be exploited for his gorgeousness! Nope, sorry Zac. When you got it, flaunt it!

Running Wild allows viewers to see inside the hearts and minds of these guests in a very open, honest and vulnerable way, pushing them out of their comfort zones and seeing what they are like in real life when stripped of all the benefits of celebrity,” Grylls said in a press release. “Ultimately, this show is about taking these stars on the adventure of a lifetime and being alongside them when they discover something new and empowering about themselves and their world. For me, that is always a privilege.”

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