Yuengling Ice Cream is Returning to Store Shelves


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After a 28-year break, the Pennsylvania-based Yuengling Ice Cream is making a comeback.

Better remembered by its similar name to Yuengling Beer, the product has been in a one-year process of ingredient experimentations and consumer research.

Contrary to popular belief, the product has never been affiliated with the brewery company, but members of the same family own each company.

Therefore, it appears that the Yuenglings know how to invent tasty products that will make a hit in the food industry.

In response to popular demand, the company started manufacturing their first batch on Thursday 16.

President David Yuengling, who is also second cousins to Dick Yuengling, the owner of Yuengling brewery, says that the true quality of their ice cream has forever stuck with customers over the years.

"I think we have one of the most popular nonexistent products on the market," said 51-year-old David Yuengling.

One hundred thousand 1-quart containers are currently being produced in Leiby's Dairy Inc. in Tamaqua, Schuylkill County.

Bill Parks, CEO of the dairy manufacturing company, has been working closely with the company to revive the ice cream brand. His factory plans to produce all 10 flavors within 10 days.

The product is set to be available in grocery stores by mid-February instead of March, as originally planned.

Ten flavors are expected to go on the market including the originals such as: Espresso Chocolate Chip, Root Beer Float, Vanilla Fudge Chunk with pretzels, and Black and Tan. Prices will range from $5.49 to $5.99 a quart.

The company will initially start selling in selective states like Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and New York.

According to David Yuengling, he believes that most people will buy the ice cream based off of its name, but he’s also more than certain that they’ll continue to purchase it because of its great quality taste.

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