You’ve Seen GMail, Now Meet YMail

    September 19, 2005

Word has it that the next version of Yahoo Mail is due any day as a limited public beta…

This will be the desktop-style AJAX-flavored upgrade based on Yahoo’s purchase of Outpost.

You can even request to be included in the beta, which is estimated to last a few months. Until then, however, Firefox users can get some new dynamic functionality similar to GMail today.

An enterprising Firefox developer has released a new extension that injects nifty new features directly into the current Yahoo Mail. Features include:

* Preview messages without leaving the inbox
* Reply to messages with just one click using “Instant Reply”
* Download attachment with one click

It’s unclear how many users will be admitted into the beta program, so if you just have to have new features in Yahoo Mail now, you might want to give this extension a try.

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