You’ve Got Mail

    May 14, 2003

Answering your e-mail is a priority! Personal e-mail and e-mail marketing has become the favorite method of communication among the US and around the world.

In addition to being the most cost-effective, it has become the most effective way to reach and retain customers.

E-mail to the online customer is what the telephone is to the traditional storefront business …it is the lifeline.

Your e-Mail Signature:

To start, make sure you create a great “pulling” e-mail Signature (Sig) at the close of all your e-mails. Your Signature becomes your online (virtual) business card. Placing it at the end of all your messages gives your business exposure every time someone receives your e-mail.

Your Sig is also a great place to market:

Your articles e-Books Affiliate programs Your web site Your ezine Your e-courses

Creating a Signature:

The following directions for creating your signature are given using MS Outlook:

Go to Tools Options (Top-tab)
Mail Format (Near bottom)
Signature Picker New, (title your signature)
I use “short sig” Type your signature (usually no more than 6 lines Apply Close)

Marketing Benefits Of Using e-Mail:

Your e-mail can be used in a variety of ways for a number of reasons. Just to name a few ways:

E-courses Surveys E-zines Contests Advertising Sales Letters Subscribing

And the list goes on and on.

Two Services In One:

Your e-mail is two services wrapped into one. E-mail is your:

Online mail Online telephone

Both functions are critical to starting and expanding your online business. You are building relationships. Inquiries should be answered within 12-24 hours.

Be as helpful and as personable as possible. Your enthusiasm is exciting and contagious! Your customer will get caught up in it.

What Is Your e-Mail “Saying” About You:

Your “voice” in your e-mail (and on your web site) represents your personality and the personality of your business…friendly and enthusiastic or is it mechanical and cold?

Your e-mail and how you respond demonstrates a great deal about you, your business practices and it also reflects your character. These people will become customers and will subscribe to your e-zine as well.

Marketing With e-Mail:

One of the largest and most popular uses of e-mail is the delivery of newsletters or ezines. In addition to the delivery of the ezine itself, solo ads, announcements and updates associated with your web site or ezine are sent using e-mail as well.

Writing and submitting articles is the second most popular use of e-mail. Once you have written your article(s), using e-mail you will then submit to:

Article Submission Sites Individual Sites Individual Editors Webmasters

for them to consider publishing your article.

Another popular use of e-mail is submitting advertisements or announcements to discussion or group sites. These sites are great for announcing you ezine and getting subscribers.

Another use is for contacting editors and webmasters regarding swapping ads. Ad swaps are an extremely poplar way for getting your e-zine ad published in other Ezines.

Start by contacting the publisher/editor or other ezines and asking them to exchange or swap ads with you. You send them your ad to run and they send you their ad to run in exchange. This works out great for both parties as both receive free publicity and exposure!

E-mail, as stated, is a powerful and extremely cost effective marketing tool. As a result, spamming has become the online version of traditional junk mail.

Spend some time developing your e-mail marketing program, being careful to observe the how to’s related with e-mail marketing.

Above all, never, never spam. Spam is sending unsolicited e-mail.

Today building your business, recieving inquiries and making sales is all done with the click of the button. In this age of “Instant gratification”, marketing your business is great when……You’ve Got Mail !!

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