YouTube’s Night In Paris

    August 22, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

YouTube’s quest to maximize its monetary potential culminates with a night in Paris. Sorry. Wrong preposition. A night with Paris. Kicking off the premiere video site’s venture into rich media advertising, Paris Hilton gets her own channel to promote her music video and album release.

Paris says:

If you show me real love baby
I’ll show you mine

Um. That’s not how my uncle used to say it.

The YouTube Paris Hilton channel was created by Warner Brothers through an arrangement with the site to be the first to take advantage of customized video channels for advertisers. Fox is also in on it and plans to promote the next season of “Prison Break.”

Up to 100 million videos per day are viewed at YouTube, a number Michael Arrington says costs the site around $1 million in bandwidth fees per month. Having secured over $11 million from Sequoia Capital, the site already offered banner advertising and sponsorships..

It’s the business aspect that worries some YouTubers. Currently, there are over 600 comments on Paris’ video premier, pulling together a mixed bag of reactions. The first concerns are over the MTV-ization of the site dominated by user content. The polish is just irritating.

“Yeah, I like YouTube how it is,” posts alcoholicferrets, “with its own celebrities and the random sh*t people post…I don’t want it to be like MTV.”

“Agreed,” writes libra1019. “This is what has p**sed me off about youtube. now that it has become “famous”, celebrities are all wanting to get on it to post their videos, which are edited so much that its not that great of a video. Most of them never go on these sites before they even become popular or even now to check out other people’s videos.”

Those sentiments are tempered with fan mail, the obligatory Beavis-and-Butthead “she’s hot” comments, as well as dropped email addresses alongside date invites. Nice try, jimi_hendrix38@

You know, you probably shouldn’t post email on public sites like that. Haven’t you heard the rules yet?

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