YouTube’s Director Of Content Partnerships To Leave

    November 3, 2009

The man who’s served as YouTube’s director of content partnerships for almost three years has found another job.  Jordan Hoffner is set to link up with a content venture at IAC, according to a new report.

Jordan HoffnerThe timing of Hoffner’s move is perhaps less than ideal for YouTube; the site’s deep in negotiations with a number of different parties, including ITV, Lionsgate, Sony, and Warner Bros.  Having a different, possibly-not-up-to-speed guy take over now might not help things along.

That’s where the good news kicks in, though.  YouTube’s not stuck with some newbie, or worse yet, no one at all.  Rafat Ali wrote, "Replacing Hoffner in his position at Google/YouTube will be Chris Maxcy, who has been heading YT’s music partnerships till now; media/video will also now fold under him."

Chris MaxcyMaxcy’s been with YouTube for about four years.  And before YouTube, Maxcy also worked for RealNetworks, Yahoo, and Hewlett Packard (filling similar business and market development roles), so he has quite a bit of experience in the tech industry.

It should be interesting to see how much time passes before the first content deal is sealed under Maxcy’s watch.

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