YouTube’s Copyright Problem

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YouTube has become extremely popular but still has plenty of issues with copyright infringement.

YouTube's Copyright Problem
YouTube’s Copyright Problem

On its upload page it has this disclaimer." Do not upload any TV shows, music videos, music concerts, or commercials without permission unless they consist entirely of content you created yourself. Please refer to our Copyright Tips page for some guidelines and links to help you determine whether your video infringes someone else’s copyright."

Jeff Atwood writes, "It’s perhaps the ultimate case of cognitive dissonance: by YouTube’s own rules, YouTube cannot exist." Atwood speculates that 90 percent of the content on the site is copyrighted and used without permission. He says YouTube does not make an effort to identify infringing content and that it remains on the site until a copyright owner complains.

On YouTube’s upload page it reads," Anytime we become aware that a video or any part of a video on our site infringes the copyrights of a third party, we will take it down from the site. We are required to do so by law. If you believe that a video on the site infringes your copyright, send us a copyright notice and we will take it down."

Atwood is puzzled that YouTube continually gets away with copyright infringement. The site maintains that it is protected by fair use under the DMCA and that it does remove copyrighted content if it receives a takedown notice.

YouTube has been called on copyright infringement by Viacom who is suing Google for $1 billion and other suits include one from the Football Association Premier League (Premier League) and the Bourne Co. who are suing for wide scale copyright infringement.

Google has said that YouTube will have technology in place by the end of the year to detect and prevent infringing content from being uploaded.



YouTube’s Copyright Problem
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  • http://web.monitoring-central.com/ Justin H.

    I seriously doubt google will ever create a technology to block copyrighted content upon uploading because this will make Youtube’s existence senseless.

  • Guest

    I’m a student in Media Arts and Animation, and I got some violation because I posted what I specified was a student effort. Apparently I can’t show my A/V editing music video because I didn’t write, perform, and record my own song–as well as all the massive work that goes on with a project in college. Plus, if you try to make your case and the flagger says “screw you”, YOU get penalities for the audacity of wanting to make your case! Plus, there’s no guarantee that’s actually the copyright holder and not some moron who’s upset with something you said or did and is trying to get back at you.

    Not only that, but there have been copyright flags on things that aren’t using copyrighted material–the Creation Science Evangelism group was doing a lot of that. So there’s not even a way of knowing if the actual copyright holder has a bug up his butt or whether someone who doesn’t like something you said is submitting a fraudulent copyright flag.

    Problem is, everything is for the greed of the guys making more money than they need. I’m sorry, but an individual, especially a student or average person, or even a kid, should be able to show off their talents without having to be a one-man creating machine. This protect (the rich guy’s) copyright and every cent he can get his greedy mitts on will render youtube null and void.

    I know some greedy morons and greedy moron sypathizers would say “what if you were making any money off your stuff and these people were using your songs to make youtube videos?” Well, if the individual were making money later on, I’d have a problem with that, but I tell you I’d rather make 5 mil and let some people get away with copyright violations than make 10 mil by becoming some sort of greedy Nazi with my work. “Mine, mine mine”.

    I mean, Disney (for example) has the audacity to own everything the workers do! If you go home and on your own paper and your own software create something on your own time, it is theirs by default–which should be illegal, because it amounts to slavery. If that caught on it would be the end. Why should I create just so my corporate overlords can reap all the benefits? Why is it that a couple of kids can’t have fun with a song because it’s “NOT THEIRS”, but the corporations can violate any number of people’s rights and it’s just okay, just business?

    Greed has run rampant in this country, and it’s going to kill this country and everything that has ever made it great.

  • http://wolfet.co.uk NeuroToxic

    Yeah well its hard for them to keep track of all the uploaded content. Im guessing that they rely on the community to flag inappropriate copyrighted material. 100’s of BBC TV shows get uploaded every day. But they soon get removed. The community is a mixture of good cop / bad cop. Some obviously care more than others.

  • terkoiz

    Wow I uploaded a pretty cool video I worked weeks on, the credits happen to have a song my UMG, The whole begining did not belong to UMG it belonged to me and my friend’s SO WHY DOES THE WHOLE VIDEO GET TAKEN OFF? Why not just the credits? Dumb youtube I will never support youtube, We helped YOU be who you are today. your letting greed take over your company.

    So you will take down every video with copyright content? 90% of youtube IS COPYRIGHT CONTENT. Therefore youtube does not exist

    Youtube has lost my respect, and I speak for many others as well.

  • http://www.katrina.co.in katrina

    youtube is good to submit videos of your choice

  • Guest

    i just spent hours on this movie i’ve put on youtube after and becaus i wanted to cheer it up with some songs it gets banned? what kind of shit is that? is there no way of getten treu the security thingy? and anyway aint i kinda promoting the song while putting it in a movie? aww wel anyway i’m allready looking for some other website to put it on if you have any sugestions pleas mail them to corpseriser@live.be

  • dabuzzy

    1st off let me say that i really love certain music but the vids for those songs r either crap, some artists dont make a vid or even if they r really good vids, there r sum ppl out there who r so darn brilliant and creative that they can make a better vid out of that song using clips from movies, tv series etc. and whats more is that they aren’t even trying to sell the stuff that they made because all they are doing is uploading it to youtube to get other ppls recognition or ppl who want see the that particular music mixed to the content of their choice and they are doing it non-profit,just for fun and maybe cos they have sum time to kill cos they have nothing else to do.No monetary benefits whatsoever. so the ppl who are making the vids are just being screwed over cos they are really talented and if the projects that they have made have been recognized and approved by for example 300 ppl out say 450 ppl who have seen that vid. maybe they can add it to their resume and use to be able find work in that industry thereby creating more jobs for ppl with real talent and letting a few ppl do work that they really enjoy which is very rare in this day and age. this is just my personal opinion but feel free to reply and let me know if im wrong in any way cos constructive criticism never hurt any1 and neither does any1 else who has a different opinion but as long as the reason is logical. oh and uploading of entire tv series, movies etc. is copyright infringement and that is definitaley not right

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