YouTube Wraps Up Another Content-Sharing Deal

    December 3, 2009

More professionally-produced, full-length programming (along with a lot of clips) is coming to YouTube, thanks to a deal with a television channel called Five.  Five, which operates in the UK, should bring more than 3,000 hours of content to the table.

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YouTube reached another agreement with a foreign entity, Channel 4, in October.  The deal was similar in size and nature, involving around 3,000 hours of content and complete shows.  Also, both deals are nonexclusive, and the content they revolve around will only be available to YouTube users in the UK.

There doesn’t appear to be any cause-and-effect connection, though, aside from the fact that YouTube seems to be on a roll.

Otherwise, Chris Tryhorn reported, "Five will sell all the advertising that runs in its programmes on YouTube.  Typically, ads appear where breaks would have been during broadcast transmission, but only two at a time."

And "Five is also going to use YouTube to engage with fans of its shows in new ways, including offering UK residents the chance to audition via YouTube for a guest role on Neighbours."

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