YouTube Videos in AdSense Could Drive Clicks

Now You Can Buy Them in AdWords

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Update: Google has now announced that you can buy Promoted Videos directly in AdWords.

"AdWords advertiser with video content — from a small business looking to promote a product, to a movie studio premiering a new trailer — can use Promoted Videos to make sure their videos find a larger audience," says Jonathan Goldman, YouTube Engineer. "This integration will provide a single destination for your overall Google ad buy, and will give YouTube advertisers access to campaign tools in AdWords."

Original Article: Google has decided to start including promoted YouTube videos in AdSense. This means that these videos are now an available ad unit that can be displayed on AdSense publisher sites.

YouTube promoted videos include a thumbnail image with three lines of text, and when clicked, they take the user to a video or a channel on YouTube, so it’s not like there will be full-sized YouTube videos in AdSense ad spots on publisher sites.

"Extending Promoted Videos to AdSense sites will enable these content producers to broaden their reach, while providing you with another way to earn from your ad space," says Arlene Lee of Google’s Inside AdSense team. "At this time, these ads are only available in English to US publishers, but we’re looking forward to expanding to additional regions and languages in the future."

The promoted videos are contextually targeted to AdSense publisher pages, and publishers will earn from them on a cost-per-click basis. They are available in the following formats:

– 300×250 Medium Rectangle
– 336×280 Large Rectangle
– 728×90 Leaderboard
– 250×250 Square
– 200×200 Small Square

"Just like other ads, Promoted Videos compete in our standard ad auction, so they’ll help drive up competition among advertisers bidding to appear on your pages," says Lee. "When a Promoted Video wins the ad auction, it’ll be shown alone in one of the eligible ad formats."

Videos of course have to meet YouTube’s advertising guidelines and terms of use, as well as community guidelines. Publishers can prevent promoted videos from appearing on their sites by adding "youtube.com" to their competitive ad filter list. This will block all YouTube content.

It should be noted that the addition of promoted YouTube videos to AdSense has nothing to do with Google’s video ads offering.

YouTube promoted videos could be a good way to increase AdSense clicks, because the very nature of them draws the user’s attention to watch a video, and at the world’s most popular online video site. Plus the videos should be relevant to the content of the page. This could be a big money maker for AdSense publishers. It should be big for people promoting their videos as well.

YouTube Videos in AdSense Could Drive Clicks
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  • http://www.sfairas.com Guest

    Can anyone tell me how to activate my adsense for youtube.. i heard adsense had retired for video ads..

  • http://must-hear-60s-songs.blogspot.com mike

    Sounds like a good addition.

  • http://www.bloggersmoneymaker.com Reggi D.

    That will be nice! I think it’ll be a bit easier to monetize these videos. Can’t wait for it to be available in Canada.

  • http://www.clickbankhowto.com sempai

    This is one of the good news for publishers like me, it would help to increase my cpr in a way.

  • http://www.fabfive24.com Guest

    Sound great! Hope the will be av. soon in Germany.

  • http://www.killerwebs.110mb.com Guest

    Can’t wait – sounds good

  • http://OurCityKolkata.com OurCityKolkata.com

    its really great news

  • http://www.suround.com suround

    thanks for your information, This information is very useful for the development and knowledge publisher .

  • http://www.bizwizebooks.com Donna

    Will work great in blogs and publishing.

  • http://american-aquarium.blogspot.com/2009/07/google-lies-dishonesty.html Carl

    It might be great if Adsense was not such a fraud, publishing ads on my copyrighted material right and left while ignoring the DMCA & denying me use of Adsense for “poor content”

  • http://www.poemslifelove.blogspot.com silentpoetklaus

    will it be available in Qatar with English blogs?

  • http://www.snerdey.com Snerdey

    If photos are worth 1,000 words.. I wonder how many words videos are worth :)

    Thanks for the info!

    Follow Snerdey on Twitter!

  • http://www.jspromotion.com JS

    I can`t see this in my account yet. Do you know when will be available to everyone?

  • Kate

    Wow! My AdSense earnings could rocket from $25/mth to over $30/mth!

    Here’s the thing: AdSense is a pretty good way to generate revenue on a website IF – and it’s a big “if”, as you can see – that website is getting tons of traffic every day. And by tons of traffic I mean at least 10,000 visitors.

    The reality is that the vast majority of websites are lucky if they get TEN visitors a day.

    I would guess that 99.99% – at least – of websites running AdsSense ads will never earn enough to reach the minimum Adsense payout. (I base this on the number of forums bulging with AdSense publishers complaining about the fact that they can’t get their AdSense earnings above the $1-per-day mark). I would also guess that most AdSense publishers abandon AdSense after a few months of not earning significant (or any) revenue.

    Which means that Google is earning millions upon millions of dollars from AdSense displays for which it will never have to pay commission.

    If you have a low-traffic website and your AdSense ads are only clicked three or four times in a given period, your earnings for that period are likely to be something like 30 cents (depending on the value of the ad). Which will be negligible to you – but not negligible to Google, because it is being repeated across millions of websites every day.

    I reckon Google is making a fortune from low traffic websites that will never collect their AdSense commission either because it never reaches the minimum payout or because the owners of these sites abandon the AdSense program when it fails to meet their revenue earning expectations.

    • Jen

      Actually if you know anything about SEO….you can make a TONNE of money from adsense! This YouTube addition should help us immensly…and my earns should go from 3000 a month to perhaps 4000.

    • Rayner

      As the saying goes, there is no easy money
      If one has joined the adsense revenue program with sole aim of making money, then he has hit the wrong button
      One should concentrate on his website, thereby forcing the visitors to come back later, unique content, nice internal linking structure and fresh content with interactivity facility for the visitors, all these add up to a cool visitor experience
      Just by making a 10 page website and expecting it can roll in money, hey u are at the wrong place, day job is better for such people, 8 hours routine helps in that case
      In the beginning 2 years or so when your website is in the infancy stage it needs the care that you pay to an infant, the better groomed it is the better developed it will become and better return it will pay, whether adsensing or not

      • Kate

        No, you got it wrong. And I could really do without that kind of condescending crap. I probably earn more in a week than you earn in a day running websites. Twit.
        All the websites I manage have been around for over ten years, and they get plenty of traffic *for what they are* (ie, they are successful at generating revenue for the products and services they offer). Some of them get a few hundred visitors a day, and a couple of them get over 1,000 visitors a day. Not huge numbers by any means, but not all websites – regardless of how long they’ve been around, or how well-optimised they are, or how much fresh content they have – can attract tens of thousands of visitors every day. It is complete b****x to suggest otherwise. Yes, certain types of sites can get traffic like this, but the vast majority of websites cannot.

        • Guest

          I really can’t stand bull******s who post messages on forums like this bragging about the huge amounts of $$$ they claim to be making from programs like AdSense, but offering no evidence to support their claims (and usually not even naming their website).

  • http://www.the-complete-guide.com Matt

    QUOTE – “Here’s the thing: AdSense is a pretty good way to generate revenue on a website IF – and it’s a big “if”, as you can see – that website is getting tons of traffic every day. And by tons of traffic I mean at least 10,000 visitors.”

    Bzzzt… Wrong! You just need targeted traffic. One of my sites makes $20 per day… and it’s ONE page which gets about 30-40 visits per day.

  • http://www.studio2002.com/ Studio 2002

    Long Live to YouTube.com
    That’s our partner.

  • http://clickandgiggle.com Funny Rob

    We get a lot of people clicking our google ads on http://www.ClickandGiggle.com which is taking videos of Youtube and providing just funny content. Our viewers love this and we are making money.


  • http://www.asuseeepcz.com asus eee pc

    sound like a good way to make money

  • http://www.adclick.be Oggy Popov

    How about Google sending visitors through these ads to a website it actually owns, where there are other ads from which it can make money. So if on a yearly basis, Google sends 1mln visitors from the cpc ads to youtube, then imagine how many on them will also click on other youtube ads. Quite nice, Google! Well done!

  • http://pond-pump.net pond pump

    A lot of reactions here are quite negative.

    However, a thumbnail of a vid should get a WAY better clickthrough rate than a simple text ad. So I am all for it.

  • http://www.realshortsalesecret.com Ernest

    I can see a explosion of new videos being use to promote all forms of business. Right now I am looking at how I can use it to promote my real estate business!

  • http://morganservice.net Don Morgan

    Sounds good. Can’t wait to give it a try.

  • http://medianowonline.com/news Yusuf

    Google has huge market in India. You can say India runs on Google. Then why Google giving this advantage only to US publishers. This is not justice for India web publishers.

  • http://loans-and-money.blogspot.com mike

    It sounds like a good addition.

  • Guest

    I hope this doesn’t make people bounce earlier…

    I mean videos are fairly heavyweight…

  • http://glahsez.com glahsez

    I like that video so much. And its really great news for me. Thanks

  • http://legitimatepaidtoclick.blogspot.com Legit PTC

    This is not a new advertising tool.
    I certainly hope it works.

  • http://dailyjobalert.blogspot.com Singapore Part Time Jobs

    It time for Google to really monetize Youtube.

  • http://www.imachupicchu.com Alejandro

    I try but i cant promote my youtube video: New Year

  • http://www.filmyourfood.com ShiftMetal

    I actually own a couple of video websites, and through experience, the actual in-video advertising, be it a pre-roll (before the video starts), mid-roll (the little pop up whilst the video is playing), or a post-roll (the ad after the video starts) tend to get a really poor click through rate.

    IF Google are going to display the video on the publisher website, and the publisher ONLY get paid if any of the advertising in the video gets clicked on, then in our experience, publishers are going to see a massive drop in AdSense revenue.

    If the video content is ‘good’, not only do the in-video not get clicked, but visitors also develop ‘ad blindness’, which is similar to banner blindness, so actual AdSense text ads click will go down too.

    Publishers displaying YouTube AdSense are going to find this out the hard way, by experimenting.

    I predict many publishers actually opting out, or blocking YouTube as described.

  • http://www.machwan.in TK Pandey

    I am glad to see both services join together and that the little guy (producers of content) on You tube can benefit from their content and make a little money. I will be visiting more often as you have done a good job, keep going..

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MW9_y0CjmU Andy

    Here’s something you don’t see every day http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MW9_y0CjmU

  • http://www.splendidwallpaper.com Classic Wallpapers

    i hope google will expand it to other regions and countries soon. i m waiting when it will be available in my region. Thanks :)

  • http://www.acomputerportal.com/videos_to_watch_video_publishing.html Making Cash, at last

    Making Cash, at last. YouTube has been stuggling to make money.

    I think this is one way that may actually work for them.

    I hope that this will stop YouTube showning ad’s actually on the lower part of video’ that usres post t the YouTube site, as this spoils user experience :)

    Videos to Watch and Video Publishing

  • http://www.newsvision.com.bd shahin babu


    it’s a not for profit news org.

    anybody help us donation this org.?

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