YouTube Video Causes Stir By Showing How Democrats Caused Crisis

Drudge Report links to video and over 850,000 watch it in hours

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In another example of the power of the Internet to move public perception, a video that shows how the Democrats caused the current financial crises has nearly 850,000 views just hours after being linked to by The Drudge Report.

Updated (092908) to 850,000 views.

The YouTube video titled, "Burning Down The House: What Caused Our Economic Crisis?" is not so much a political piece as it is a timeline of what actually happened to cause the banking and credit crises.

 It really comes down to a push by Democrats including Obama to force lenders to give creative (sub-prime, zero interest,  balloon payment) loans  to people who otherwise would not have qualified because of low income and bad credit. This caused a huge demand for homes pushing the prices to historic highs.

Unfortunately, as Republicans predicted including John McCain, so many of these loans failed to be paid back and with hundred’s of thousands of foreclosures all at once the housing bubble burst. This caused a spiraling effect because these bad mortgages were sold as part of a financial product called mortgage backed securities.

I could go on but the end result is that the house of cards that the Democrats built collapsed and because the media is in their corner only videos like this on YouTube that are linked to by a maverick like Matt Drudge brink the truth to light.

This of course is just my opinion, please feel free to disagree by commenting below.

YouTube Video Causes Stir By Showing How Democrats Caused Crisis
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  • Guest

    Awesome video. Finally, a true picture of what REALLY caused this crisis.

  • Guest

    It just astounds me the cognitive dissonance at work in ideologues who, after 8 years of utter failure and fiasco, will stick with what’s untrue to the bitter end. We’ve been here before and guess who was in charge the other times? Something similar happened in the 1920’s, when Republicans were in charge, inflating the market at Wall Street, and it took a Democrat, FDR, to come in and clean it up. It happened again, with John McCain and his Keating friends at the center of it, in the 1980’s, with the Savings & Loans crisis. Bush Sr. led us into recession, and once again it took a Democrat to come in and clean it up and give the country a surplus that fixed so-called "fiscal conservatives’" massive deficits. So here we go again with unfettered capitalism and the corruption it breeds (that’s a Republican criticism, by the way, all the way back to Teddy Roosevelt who said it), and the need for some smart-as-a-whip Democrat to fix it. 

    You’re crediting the low-income lending for this? Even conservative old O’Reilly admitted that was just one percent of the problem. You mentioned the credit swaps, that was right, and those credit swaps, removing barriers between banks and securities companies, were the brainchild of Phil Gramm, McCain’s former advisor and critic of a nation of whiners. He slipped them into legislation in 1999, granted, it was signed by Bill Clinton. These credit swaps are the problem, not the low-income lending, not the Demon Democrats. 

    The bigger picture is one painted by Nixonian economics, criticized by Republican Ron Paul (he calls it a fiat economy), set up in 1970’s where our entire system is predicated on credit, or the credibility that our currency is worth something. Paul notes fiat systems are doomed to fail, and that’s what we are witnessing now. This is not a Democrat problem, especially with all the Nixonians in power these past decades–Bush Sr. and Dick Cheney come to mind immediately. 

    Personally not a fan of Democrat ideology most of the time, but it’s time to stop 20th Century-thinking Republicans from destroying everything by rewarding greed and ignoring the people. Step by step we come closer to fascism.  

     And you should be ashamed of yourself for spreading their propaganda.

    • Guest

      I find it odd that an Obama supporter could call this video proganda and hint that under Republicans we edge closer to facism.   Totally laughable.  Its Obama, not McCain that thinks the government is the answer to all our problems.  When politicians believe that the government is the only one that can save us, that….is facism, its socialism, its just plain studid.  This economic crisis that we are in has both parties "bloody hands" on it.  Democrats want to give more to the poor, that is a fact (income redistribution) and republicans dont have the backbone to fiercely oppose it out of fear of being branded cruel racists.  McCain may have warned about it, but if he was THAT concerned in 2005, he could have made more noise.  I follow politics and never heard him or Obama or Hillary make any REAL warning against Fannie or Freddie….yet they all were quick to claim they did in some small venue somewhere.   Whats bothersome is the stark difference in how to fix it,  Obama is clearly wrong.  He believes in income redistribution, that my friend is facist/socialist in its most evil sense.  New Orleans was a socialist utopia run by the Dems for years long before Katrina hit….how’d that utopia work out?  Oh, thats right, it was Bush’s fault.  Obama looks like he will win, but it wont be because he has the change or the hope that we need, it will be becuase a majority of his suppoters are ignorant.  They hate Bush…um, okay?  Yeah, like you can clearly think when you are filled with hatred.  The hate crowd is only part of Obama’s support, the others simply buy into his rhetoric….he can talk sweet in front of a camera and lets face it, we have been led by a president that looks like a "deer in the headlights" when it comes to speaking in front of a camera.  That reason alone makes Obama look like the messiah….which by the way, the media is portraying him to be.  The guy is a freshman senator with no executive experience…where did he come from?  What does he really believe (beyond his ‘hope’ rhetoric)?  What associations/friendships have molded his beliefs?   For all the media’s attention on Palin as inexperienced and being unfettered,…what about Obama?….and he is at the top of the ticket, whereas Palin is at the bottom.  The poor reality to the election is that if we end up with Obama, it will be the result of an ignorant and angry electorate…..study history…..when you are ignorant to the facts and you are angry, you make bad decisions.  Oddly enough, its the very criticism that Dems put on Bush for his attack on Iraq.  Well, whats good for the goose is good for the gander cuz here we go again with another poor decision.

      • Guest

        Interesting rebuttal you put out, mentioning history but not actually demonstrating any understanding of it. Your argument is without fact and you have confused socialism and fascism. That was the first clue you weren’t to be listened to. Socialism and fascism are at the opposite ends of the political spectrum. Fascism is extreme right-wing ideology promoting extreme patriotism, demonization of the left (socialism), and one-country-one-culture type thinking. In history, fascists became Nazis, not Commies. Pick up a friggin book. Or is that too elitist for your taste?

        Income redistribution is an exaggeration of what Obama’s talking about. Quit with the misinformation, there, Hannity. He proposes tax cuts on 95% of the country, while taking a little from the extreme excess of the top 5% and helping out people who really need it. He’s not calling for equal incomes for everybody, just that those with the absolute most, who won’t even notice the little extra they have to give is gone, help out their fellow countrymen a little. You probably thought Jesus would be a Republican, didn’t you? Nope, he’d be telling the rich to give to Caeser what is Caeser’s and help out the poor people, for crying out loud. Pretty sure he’d be a democrat. 

        It’s kind of hard to claim the existence of a "liberal media" any more. The "liberal media" is a myth. Conservatives have Fox and every News Corp.-owned outlet, plus something like 1,000 talk radio stations from the coast to coast spewing right-wing nonsense 24/7. Sometimes a network station asks a Republican a hard question and suddenly it’s biased. Please! With the internet, too, you can find whatever slant you wish. Point is, according to the polls after the debate, 90 % of Dems thought Obama won the debate, and 90% of Reps thought McCain won, but 2/3 of independents called it for Obama. That’s not because of a liberal media, but because they’ve got some damn sense and saw how it went down: McCain making a bunch of stuff up while Obama actually stayed level headed and sensible–presidential, even. It’ll be the independents deciding this thing.

         Katrina, really? You’re going to bring that up for support? New Orleans was doing fine until Bush left the city to drown. Guess he shouldn’t have appointed an old horse industry buddy to run FEMA, huh? You called New Orleans a socialist utopia, but since it’s clear you don’t understand socialism or how it differs from fascism, we’ll let that slide.

        Palin, too, huh? Have you actually heard her talk? She’s a train wreck. No wonder the McCain campaign doesn’t want her being interviewed very often. I keep waiting for somebody to ask her about her witch-hunter preacher. If Jeremiah Wright counted, then this crazy antisemitic she prays with in public sure is, too! What a joke she is…not a joke, an insult to everyone. A gimmick, a marketing trick. The GOP should be ashamed.


        • Guest

           I took your advice and read up on the real differences between socialism and facism.  Socialism and Facism are really not at separate ends.  That’s a commonly held believe, but it’s not really true.  Yes, Hitler/Mussolini/etc were Facists, and Stalin/Lenin was a socialist.  Really, when looking from the scope of wanting limited government and a free market, the differences between Socialism and Facism become pretty irrelevant.


          Read here: http://www.lawrence.edu/sorg/OBJECTIVISM/socfasc.html

          Thanks for listening!

  • Jim Robbins

    I agree wholeheartedly. It’s time that focus on what Democrats do should be increased.

    The only difference between what is happening now and the incredible drag the Democrats have on this country is nothing.

    Too many voices in the corrupt Liberal news media ignore the idiocy of Democrat-proposed programs and when things go to hell, they blame everything on Republicans despite Democrats having an almost unblemished record of failure.

    Now Democrat stupidity and incompetence is really becoming obvious, and I say Thank God!

    Which shouldn’t bother liberals a bit, since they don’t believe in God anyway. What morons!

    • Guest

      I love how people want you to respect their opinions believe what they say and then follow up with something off-the-chart stupid. Democrats don’t believe in God? Did Ann Coulter tell you that? Time for people to stop listening to the traitorous right-wing pundits demonizing their fellow Americans just because they disagree. The only moron is you for spewing such nonsense. There wasn’t a shred of fact in your vitriol.

      Franklin Raines was not an advisor to Obama. He issued a statement saying he’d never advised Obama on anything. Just another lie spread by McCain and the pundits. McCain has run a dispicable campaign of lies. Lending to the poor was not the problem. It was the removal of barriers between banks and securities, which was done by Phil Gramm, advisor to McCain. The fiat system, put in place by Republicans, is imploding. And the fault for the current crisis is the Bush Administration, who appointed Paulson and Bernanke, neither of whom saw this coming. Bernanke now famously stated twice he didn’t foresee any problems, once before the housing bust and once again before the current crisis.

      This is what happens when the corrupt grease the palms of their fellow corrupt. Bush appointed every good ol’ boy he could find and each every appointment has been a disaster. All arguments have been predicated on a free market argument, but they would only be true if we had an actual free market. The USA hasn’t had one of those in a long, long time…if ever. In the past 4 decades, the free market argument has been a cover for lining the pockets of corrupt corporate market-manipulators…speculators who drove up the cost of gas and the cost of housing…SPECULATORS…not Democrats or programs for low-income families. Trickledown economics is a sham, a failure.

      The corporate media is not to be trusted. Neither is McCain, whose campaign manager was receiving $15,000 a month from these same banks as a consultant. McCain’s campaign is run by something like 140 lobbyists. Get real, everybody. Can’t understand why you cling to failed ideologies and crooks.

  • Dave

    The Dems and Reps spring from the same weed patch. There isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between them. If Pelosi & Reid can’t bankrupt is then GWB is there to cross the finish line for them.  Both parties are inept.

    This video is correct. The housing bubble can be traced to Dem policies. Everything the Dems have done for the past 50 years (my lifetime, maybe more before I got here) has been "for the children" "for our seniors" and "for  working families." Evidently this includes saddling the aforementioned with $10 trillion in debt.

    Not to be outdone though, GWB has managed to cost us 3000 lives and who knows how many billions with the Iraq adventure.

    But it did not start with the housing bubble or Iraq. Rememebr Johnson’s Great Society, the Reagan deficits? This financial mess is just the culmination of something that started long ago.

    How do we fix the problem? Here’s an idea, let’s vote in a new, inept Dem or a Rep every few years, year after year after year. Yeah, that’ll fix it.

    We need to flush them all down the toilet and start over.

  • http://ecompuplus.com Techie

    The video makes a lot of sense.  What triggered the crisis was the famous line: no money, no credit, NO problem!

  • Guest

    as the bloated, greed-filled fatcats on wall street ruin us, you blame the poor and democrats?

    well, believe what you want but here’s the dirt, straight from the horse’s mouth:


    by horse, i mean the guy McCain mistakenly thought the president could fire

    Cox blames a couple of things: 2004-implemented policy from his predecessor at the request of investment banks which made regulatory oversight VOLUNTARY, which is like letting the fox guard the henhouse. He also mentions Gramm’s 1999 credit swap legislation removing barriers between commercial and investment banks that had been in place since the Depression–hint, hint, geniuses, they were put there for a reason, to prevent what happened in 29 from happening again.

    Note what he doesn’t blame: Democrats or the small provision to help poorer families get loans so they can better their lives through greater assets, defaults from which made up only one percent of the problem.

    come back to reality, everybody. when crooks run washington only crooks win

  • Guest

    Yeah, it’s the democrats fault that they wanted low-income families to realize the American dream… owning a home. If anything it’s the greedy banks / bank owners who went above and beyond to practically give mortagages away just so they got more money (Fannie Mae). Sure the democrats passed a bill that would allow for lower income families to get a little something… the bill worked well for how many years… since Carter? worked fine through Regan, Bush Sr, Clinton… then comes in Bush and it falls to shit. How can something that worked for decades… fall apart in 7 years… and if the President knew it was failing.. how about stepping in, oh I don’t know before it went to shit. But, yeah it’s still the democrats fault. Not the person in office now… the time when everything went to shit.

    • Ceasar Garza

      The democrats twisted arms at major banks to make loans to people who were not credit worthy for social engineering, & pushing their insane socialist agenda, as always, for ‘the poor’. It’s great to do charity, but socialist-style charity banking is not only insane, but will make us all poor! That helps, huh? FYI: The democrats didn’t start the really crazy stuff until 2001. Over the last several years, republicans attempted to fix the problem, & democrats either filibustered or, after getting the majority in Congress, just blew them off. This year alone, Bush asked the Democrat-controlled Congress 17 TIMES to put a stop to it!

    • Silk

      And study up on cause and effect, you clearly have no understanding about what is going on..this crisis has been long time coming.

      If you think it was the greedy banks and bank owners only..I suggest you look up what ACORN and its lawyers like Obama did to those banks that refused to lend to low income families..

      Please, do yourself a favor and do some research. You can’t play fast and lose with a system and think economic hardships will never hit..and that is what they did. Wars happen, terrorist attacks happen, you cannot fly fast and lose and think nothing will ever tip the scales.

  • Ceasar Garza


    We spend 700 billion a year on forien oil. Democrats hurt us at every turn. They made this banking mess, & compound it by keeping oil high priced by not allowing drilling.


  • http://www.celticways.com John of Celtic Ways

    It was 8 years ago when Bill Clinton was president and a lot of water under the bridge. During this time billions and billions of dollars pumped into the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

    Into who’s pockets did this billions go into?

    Its was not in service personel pay.

    Ok, weapons and ammo had to be manufactures, but most of this cost is labour, communications is labour, miilions of people who should have had their incomes lined from the billions put into these wars

    …… but somehow not into the pockets of these mortgage payers.

    How many of these exceptional military service men are amongst those in foreclosure?

    No, I do not think it has much to do with bad mortgages but more to do with bad distribution of money put into the wars that has prevented many many people from being able to pay for their mortgages.

    I agree that allowing more people into the home buying circle created demand that forced property prices up and created expensive mortgages but I do believe this is a minority cause of the whole problem.

    I think its more important to look at where the money that was supposed to be put into the war "effort" really went. That would make an incredible documentary. Who would dare do this, even at least for the sake of the ex military service people who are now struggling to keep their homes.





  • Guest

    This Utube video was shocking and amazing!

    Great Job in spelling  it out with the facts and news!!


  • Rich Ord

    Here is a new in-depth article on how Acorn, the group Obama organized communities for, impacted the current financial crisis.


    • Guest

      Here’s a more telling explanation, from an article in 2007, predicting this whole mess:

      "You’ll still hear some—and, loudly, the president himself—argue that the administration’s tax cuts were meant to stimulate the economy, but this was never true. The bang for the buck—the amount of stimulus per dollar of deficit—was astonishingly low. Therefore, the job of economic stimulation fell to the Federal Reserve Board, which stepped on the accelerator in a historically unprecedented way, driving interest rates down to 1 percent. In real terms, taking inflation into account, interest rates actually dropped to negative 2 percent. The predictable result was a consumer spending spree. Looked at another way, Bush’s own fiscal irresponsibility fostered irresponsibility in everyone else. Credit was shoveled out the door, and subprime mortgages were made available to anyone this side of life support. Credit-card debt mounted to a whopping $900 billion by the summer of 2007. “Qualified at birth” became the drunken slogan of the Bush era. American households took advantage of the low interest rates, signed up for new mortgages with “teaser” initial rates, and went to town on the proceeds.

      "All of this spending made the economy look better for a while; the president could (and did) boast about the economic statistics. But the consequences for many families would become apparent within a few years, when interest rates rose and mortgages proved impossible to repay. The president undoubtedly hoped the reckoning would come sometime after 2008. It arrived 18 months early. As many as 1.7 million Americans are expected to lose their homes in the months ahead. For many, this will mean the beginning of a downward spiral into poverty.

      "Between March 2006 and March 2007 personal-bankruptcy rates soared more than 60 percent. As families went into bankruptcy, more and more of them came to understand who had won and who had lost as a result of the president’s 2005 bankruptcy bill, which made it harder for individuals to discharge their debts in a reasonable way. The lenders that had pressed for “reform” had been the clear winners, gaining added leverage and protections for themselves; people facing financial distress got the shaft."

      The only thing Democrats did was do nothing. That’s how they hurt the economy the most. Bush and Cheney and his whole corrupt crew should have been impeached long ago. Wanna blame somebody? Blame the Administration and don’t trust Paulson and Bernanke any farther than a banker could throw them.

    • Guest

      that ny post article is right wing desperation masquerading as journalism. hundreds of millions of dollars over thirty years? that’s what they’ve blamed? they’re not trying to hide their racism at all, anymore are they? Not sure what you’d expect from the Murdoch’s NY Post. Those minority loans were a drop in the bucket compared to what’s happened over the past decade, all on Bush’s and the neocon’s watch. Hundreds of millions over 30 years, that’s in the "article" you just cited, compared to a trillion in a decade? absolute shit. You want to blame the democrats and let the gop have another run at sinking us, huh? you’re on your own, there buddy, and lots of Americans are seeing through this veil of crap.

  • http://www.webpronews.com/comment/reply/47413 Guest

    By any chance, did anyone save the video entitled
    "YouTube Video Causes Stir By Showing How Democrats Caused Crisis"
    from their "Temporary Internet Files" folder?  I’d like to get a copy.

  • Fid

    This video is just the latest of many disingenuous attempts by Republicans to blame the Democrats for this crisis.  The Community Reinvestment Act might have been instituted in 1977 but it wasn’t until 2004, when Bush effectively killed the CRA that an unprecedented boom in sub prime loans occurred and this really started the current crisis. Furthermore, this video conveniently omits that the extreme rise in prices of homes was the real cause of all of this.  This was only possible because the Republicans kept interest rates artificially low for way too long. The ultra-low rates were a simple but effective way to get credit- happy Americans to rejuvenate the economy in post 9/11 era.  

    No surprise, when things were good, Republicans had no problem bragging about how great the economy was under Bush.  If the sub prime frenzy was really caused by Carter and Clinton, I didn’t see them getting any credit as people on “Main St.” greedily took out low interest home equity loans to buy boats, cars, etc. in 2005.  However, when things went sour after 2005, it was the Dems fault, naturally.  The bottom line is that the sub-prime mess was a symptom, not the cause of the CRA.  We know this because 1) not only sub-prime loans are in trouble and 2) most of the sub prime loans out there are from non-CRA banks!  Also, there are many alt-A (for less risky people) and prime loans that are currently in default.  I also should add that the CRA didn’t create the Alt-A (or liar loans that offer 100% financing, no income statement, and no credit checks).  The Act was not written to create all those white, middle class borrowers that are now in trouble.  The Republicans would like everyone to forget that those loose lending standards were only possible under a deregulated environment that they created.  Remember, big government and regulations are bad and the free-market, with its lawyers, will make sure things run smoothly.

      As an additional aside, let’s not forget that McCain was bundled up in the Keating Five scandal.  During the 80s, McCain’s buddy the bank CEO Keating and others precipitated the Savings and Loan crisis resulting in another huge tax payer bailout.  McCain went to his rescue against a team of regulators planning to crack down on Keating.  McCain went so far as to accept expensive gifts and money from Keating during their friendship.  However, he gave some of the gifts back when his involvement with Keating leaked.  Since there was no clear evidence that McCain actually got the regulators off Keating’s back, McCain emerged from the crisis with just a slap on the wrist and a scolding by the Senate ethics committee for being stupid.

      Remember when McCain said the fundamentals of the economy are solid and then back-peddled with some stupid spin about hard working Americans after his gaff back-fired? Also we must not forget the immortal words of Phil Gramm, McCain’s senior economic advisor and ENRON enabler, calling our economic crisis a “mental recession”, and America as a “Nation of whiners”. 


    • Guest

      You are as equally biased as the video. The Democrats didn’t cause this mess (intentionally) and there were many players and blame on both sides but seriously it was caused by good intentions that went awry. The Dems intended to help lots of people but it really backfired and the sorry thing is they accept no blame and twist the truth to blame it all on the Republicans. It is so time for a 3rd party! Does anyone care about the truth? At the least a reason to vote against Obama is that govt works better for the people when the President, Senate and Congress do NOT all belong to the same party. Now we will have to suffer thru corrupt Dems like we did the Repub’s till finally a third party can break the power hold. To bad we have so much more suffering to go thru now at the hands of the "well intentioned" Dems who have sold America a lie.

      "the road to hell is paved with good intentions"’ boy do the Dems own this one or what?

    • Jon Frederick Council

      Well dear sir, BOTH parties did the damage. Tell me, why did we need a housing boom in the 2000’s to cover up the lak of an economy to begin with? Or, a fake "tech stock/day trading boom" under the Clinton 90’s? It’s called NAFTA, MOST FAVORED TRADE STATUS (CHINA), and WTO. All of this happened under both a Clinton White House, and a Republican Congress. Perot warned about it in his debates with V.P. Gore in 1993 (just look it up on You Tube) He was dismissed by Gore over his concerns over the loss of jobs.

      Just remember this. At the end of the day, both Dems and Repubs are richer than you for a reason, and raise millions for campaigns even though the average person gives virtually nothing to the parties. Yet, you expect them to really do whats good for you? Subprimes were a problem back in the 1990’s too. Few articles detailed it…I saw a few in the Washington Post, and as a former Loan Officer, I saw a number of people getting screwed.

      So, stop the partisan bickering, and realize your government does NOT serve you and the big businesses who give them their money. They use your votes and they do the businesses the favors.

    • Dave

      You must be special with the bigger font and all. I bet your mom is proud of you.

    • Guest

      You are an asshole!

  • Guest

    youtube keeps shutting down the video, but here it is!  Burning Down The House (financial crisis mess)!  PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO


  • Mandy

    OMG!!!  If a United States citizen is registered to vote, they should be required to see this first!!

  • obama4president

    ANY argument that blames Democrats for ANYTHING in government is AUTOMATICALLY invalidated by the fact that from 2000-2006 the REPUBLICANS controlled the White House, the House and the Senate. If they  actually knew anything at all about the problems and actually cared about the country and wanted to fix them — SIX YEARS of majority control and NO SOLUTIONS, only blame.

    In addition the minority loans argument is total nonsense and based on ignorant bigotry, but that’s another post…
    • Guest

      well said.


      here’s what really happened:



      read it and educate yourselves… or do you not know how to read, only watch propaganda videos by the right wing?



  • Guest

    The Dem’s never want to stand up and take the blame for anything. It’s always finger pointing and dancing around the issues.  What a group of shit heads.

  • Guest

    You Republicans are so funny!  Blame the greed of Banks on Carter and Clinton and forget the moron who has been President for eight pathetic years! 

    My suggestion is for you guys to click your ruby slippers together and say, "America is no place for a black President."  LOL  That has a better chance of working than your disinformation campaign.  Get use to it. 


    • Ima Republican

      go to hell

    • Guest

      Liberals goosestep because they have poopypants

  • Travis

    Sorry to re-educate you on fascism ans socialism, but it’s time to put the myth to rest. Everyone likes to compare ‘right wingers’ to fascists, but that’s like calling a dog a cat. Nazi Germany was fascist, as everyone knows, but no one seems to spell out their beleifs very well. The official name of the Nazi party was the ‘National Socialist German Workers’ Party’. Does that sound right wing to you. Just goes to show, if you tell alie long enough people begin to beleive it.

  • Guest

    They were responsible for the for all the bad things in life. Pick one! Its was the Dems that actually crucified Christ, brought Hitler into power under the disquise of being a Nazi, caused the Japanese to bomb Pearl Harbor, responsible for both the first and second attacks on the Twin Towers, Sadam Hussein was actually a Democrat that caused the problems in Iraq, Iran is a Democratic nation bent on obtaining nuclear weapons, Bin Laden is a far left Democrat who because he is so hell bent on legalization of abortion, figures he’ll get all the ones that were missed, that never should have been born in the first place. Yes my friends,  you have to be careful of those Democrats. They are really evil people. Oh and by the way, the Antichirst is alive and well and just waiting for his chance to come forward and bring Satan, both of whom both are Democrats, into power. God is a Republican which is the reason why he is one day going to destroy all sinful Democrats and bring utopia to this world once again with the GOP, which actually stands for God’s Own Party!

  • http://up.maas1.com ?????

    Awesome video. Finally, a true picture of what REALLY caused this crisis.

  • Terri Pattio

    We are in this situation and what everybody need to do is come together and figure out a way out of it.

    It took a lot of time to make the video and it’s out. Some people will agree and some will not. But what good is it, for people to look at and that’s that. It will not change anything until all the finger pointing stop and start doing something positive to get out of this economic crisis.

    That is the bottom line.

    Terri Pattio

  • Guest

    It seems some people are simply to stupid to learn that if they don’t learn from history they are doomed to repeat it. To stop all of the finger pointing at anyone, democrat or republican is equatable to who cares who killed my kids, lets just get along. The democrates blocked every attempt to regulate both fannie may and freddie mack and instead of simply screaming liar, check it out yourself and find out!!! This whole mess has been about partisan blame instead of justice. To truly "change" those guilty of causing this mess, democrat or republican should be brought up on charges. The only problem is that many more dems than reps would be found guilty!

  • Guest

    Blaming it all on just one political party in America is nonsense for at least  two reasons:

    1.  This didn’t happen only in America.

    It may have started there, but the subprime mortgages were only one factor.  Financial institutions of all kinds, all around the world, joined in and helped REALLY get the ball rolling.  Did the Democrats in America bring down Northern Rock in the UK, or the banking system in Iceland?

     I don’t think so.

    2.  Another key feature of the crash was something that happened back in 2004.  It was called the Basel 2 agreement, was entered into by financial authorities from a number of nations, and basically created some regulations that were almost bound to bring disaster if there was ever a significant downturn in the financial markets.  With the Basel 2 millstone around our necks the question wasn’t "if" but "when".

    It is worth noting that America, very sensibly, is already pulling out of the Basel 2 agreement.  Europe – bound from head to toe in bureaucratic stupidity and red tape will have to go on suffering for a while yet.

    With respect, this is a poor time to be playing party politics.  What we need is a realistic assessment of what went wrong so we can clean up now and make sure we don’t repeat the same mistakes.

  • Jim Robbins

    Hurray for the Drudge Report! It’s about time that someone pointed out just why we find ourselves in this dire situation.

    Idiotic liberal policies have been running this country into the ground for decades. These morons aren’t going to be happy until the United States is just anoher third world country and we are so sold out to socialism that taxpayers support minorities and low lifes from the cradle to the grave. That is, if there are any more taxpayers left after all these inane policies reach their logical conclusion – total bankruptsy.

    To watch idiots like Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid (the list is a long one) blame all this on 8 years of Bush politics is comp[letely ridiculous. And I’m sure they really believe it, only further confirming their almost total loss of comprehension of reality.

    While they and other liberals are dumbing down our educational system so that there won’t be any one with etnough intelligence to question their ridiculous actions and policies, the country is falling apart at the seams – too busy being politically correct than right.

    The only wonder is: How is it that economic collapse hasn’t happened already?

    Idiot Democrats shouldn’t be voted out ot office – They should be hung from the nearest trees!


  • Eric

    This post and its comments should really be left for a different website.   I don’t think this has anything to do with SEO or Search Engines or marketing, the writer just seems to be expressing his political views.

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