YouTube Video Ads Help Boost Your Business


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I am fairly certain that most of us, when we watch a video on YouTube, want the advertisement at the start of the YouTube clip to disappear in order to watch the actual video; however, some people may find that they actually get somewhat engaged in the ad prior to watching the video. With this engagement, this helps trigger product awareness.

This past Friday, Google Business published a webinar by Sara Hall of YouTube's Global Video Solutions department, describing how YouTube ads can help build your business online. I have outlined some of Hall's major points from the webinar below.

Inspire people to discover your business. How do we do that?

  • Find your most valuable audience.
  • Express your business in compelling ways.
  • Participate by building strong connections with new customers.

What is the difference between a commercial and content? Put simply, it is the "value to the viewer." Hall elaborates on this, explains how to make an advertisement valuable to the viewer, and tells you why you should do this with your business. Also in this segment of the webinar, Hall explains how to make ads interesting and valuable to your audience using YouTube ads.

If you have never posted a YouTube advertisement below, the information in this webinar will walk you through this procedure, in a step-by-step process. using your Google AdWords account. This procedure is broken down into the three individual steps listed below.

  1. Create your campaign
  2. Choose your video ads
  3. Create a target group

After the procedure has been completed, you are halfway to your goal of publishing your ad on YouTube. Some important tips to keep in mind while setting up your ad on YouTube are:

  1. Create an ad that people choose to watch.
  2. Optimize your campaign.
  3. Connect with customers.

In conclusion, Hall emphasizes that we all should use our analytical data to find out what marketing strategy best suits our business, and she explains how we should always update our advertisement to keep it current and engaging for the advertisement's target viewers.

This webinar is a great tutorial for managers and marketers alike to help boost their business by placing it (and its products) right in front of the viewer in a unique way. Please be sure to provide your comments pertaining to this webinar below in this post's comments section.