YouTube Users Have Longer Attention Spans Than You Think

    November 12, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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If you think that it’s impossible to hold a YouTuber’s attention with a longer video, think again.

According to YouTube reps speaking at a closed partners event this week, more then one-third of all of the video viewing time on the site comes from videos that are longer than 20 minutes (via GigaOm). It appears that many users’ attention spans are a bit longer than the cats we believed were dominating YouTube’s most popular content.

Also, YouTube revealed that over one-third of all searches on the site are news-related queries.

While this is good news for humanity (we’re actually interested in long-form videos…and news!), it’s even better news for YouTube and the various channels on the site that are looking to focus on serious, in-depth original content. Remember, YouTube has been putting a lot of effort into building up channels on the site, hoping that users will want to follow creators that produce fresh, original videos. Back in May, YouTube unveiled the paid channels pilot, allowing a select few partners charge a small fee of users to view certain videos. Recent reports indicated that the paid channels may be off to a slow start, however.

Just a couple of weeks ago, YouTube expanded the paid channels initiative in a big way by allowing any account in good standing with over 10,000 subscribers to put a price on their content.

YouTube began expanding the length limit for all videos posted a few years ago (remember, it used to be 10 minutes). It currently sits at fifteen minutes for all users, and the length limit isn’t capped at all if you request an increase and verify your account.

Image via jm3, Flickr Creative Commons

  • Ok

    YouTube is great. Yes, there is some garbage, but there is a lot of good information. I just saw a video on the 9/11 Commission members that had interviews with the members. I never knew exactly who those people were. I must say that they don’t even believe the official story. I was shocked when I heard this. A

    The video is entitled: Most 9/11 Commissioners Don’t Buy The Official Story. The most crazy thing I heard was at the 4:15-4:20 minute mark. A commission member said that we will never know the true story of 9/11 because 9/11 was a conspiracy 30 years in the making. Normally, I would discount these statements, but it literally came directly from a commission member on camera. That is a very shocking and telling statement. After all, what does he know that we don’t?

    If it wasn’t for YouTube, we wouldn’t see half the information out there. You most certainly won’t see interviews like that in the mainstream media. You can’t discount what they say either because when you actually see people talking in interviews there is no denying it or misinterpreting it. It is not like there are people out there with body double and making up fake interviews in public. It is like when Clapper lied about NSA spying. That is on YouTube too. The whole panel investigation is there for you to see. You will never get that on NBC, CBS or Fox.

    Frankly, the mainstream media is very censored in America. We need other avenues for news. What we get on the nightly news is a 30 second soundbite and not a full story.

    • @Ok

      I just watched the clip you mentioned and yes, he does say that. Man — that is freaky. Really to get the full effect you have to listen from the 3:45 to 4:25 mark. Wow. Just wow. Nothing makes sense about 9/11. Once you get past the official story and look at the detail, nothing makes sense. Something is not right.

  • @Ok

    Everyone knows 9/11 was an inside job.

    People may not admit it, but deep down inside they know it was. At Shanksville there was not a plane. The crash site doesn’t look like any crash site in the history of mankind. My God, they found 83,000 shuttle pieces and body parts from the Space Shuttle Columbia, but nothing from Shanksville crash. The Pentagon is covered by cameras and the buildings around the Pentagon all have cameras, yet not one video has been released of the “plane” that hit the Pentagon. Building 7 fell like a controlled demolition. It defied the laws of physics. The main towers fell like no other buildings in the history of mankind. You can look at buildings from all around the world and none have fallen like that. Those buildings were some of the most well made buildings in the history of man and were built to withstand a plane crash. You can see the silhouette of the plane that hit the towers. They don’t match commercial planes but they do match military planes. Cheney has been proven to be a liar. Bush’s actions in the classroom defy logic. Rice phoned Wille Brown and told him not to fly on 9/11. The stock market had a record number of option on airline stocks the week before 9/11. The commission was a farce and we spent more money investigating Monica Lewinsky’s blow job than we did on the worst attack in American history. The list goes on and on. Try to sit down a person who believes the “official story” and show them these details. They will get so defensive and just quit the discussion because they know it is true. Try it. Show them Building 7. Show them Shanksville. Ask them questions. Try it.

    Everyone knows it is a lie. They just don’t want to admit to themselves. Everyone knows. We are living a lie.