YouTube Updates Browse Page, Video Editor & Video Manager

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Just when you thought YouTube was done tweaking the user interface of their website, YouTube decided to keep users on their toes and roll out some more updates today.

In a post from its official blog, the YouTube development team announced that they've upgraded the Browse page in order to give it "a fresh look-and-feel" that will hopefully guide your browsing hands and eyes to "even more great Channels on YouTube." They've also created content categories in order to simplify the video browsing experience of each topic listed in the left browsing menu. For instance, if you were to click on the Entertainment tab in the left menu, you'll find sub-categories related to Most Viewed Today, Popular Around the WEb, and some selected (presumably well-trafficked?) Channels with related Entertainment content.

For anyone in the habit of uploading videos, YouTube's pushed an update to Video Editor. The update is mostly visual as they've stream-lined the look to match the rest of YouTube's recently updated aesthetic, but they also added a new timeline feature and made the clip-trimming tool a little easier to use.

Finally, the last update of the day is with the Video Manager. Like with the Video Editor, Video Manager has been given a makeover in order to match the rest of YouTube's design. Beyond that change, users will now see a "search history" tool and "an improved display of scheduled uploads and claimed videos." As a response to the feedback from YouTube users, the statistics for likes and dislikes have returned (don't expect to see those stats today, though, as the post says that this feature will be re-introduced into the wild over the next couple of days).

Now that everything should look the same over at YouTube, hopefully they can keep their hands to themselves and stop changing around their site every few weeks.