YouTube, Turkey Resolve Their Differences

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The court-ordered ban lasted two days, but it’s over now – YouTube is once again accessible in Turkey. But in order to appease the court, the video-sharing site removed a certain clip; hard feelings remain among both freedom-of-speech supporters and those who were offended by the video.

If you didn’t hear why the ban was initiated, you can read our coverage here.  In short: Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the country’s founder, was depicted as homosexual in a video, and Turk Telecom, as ordered by an Istanbul court, quickly shut down access to YouTube.

The Southeast European Times reported that the resulting site was pretty empty, except for a statement that labeled its emptiness as being “in accordance with decision No: 2007/384 dated 06.03.2007 of the Istanbul First Criminal Peace Court.”

It didn’t take long for YouTube to cry uncle, and, depending on your point of view, this could be either a smart business decision or another Google-related failure in the realm of free speech. An official statement from the company gave a nod to “new and unique cultural challenges,” then went on to say, “We respect the authorities in Turkey and are committed to working with them to resolve this. We should note, however, that the video in question is no longer on the site.”

And just like that, the ban was lifted and the respect of some was lost. Michael Arrington wrote that YouTube’s capitulation “sets a terrible precedent” and “shows that they’ll be soft on these issues in the future . . . . “This is also,” he noted, “yet another blow to freedom of speech in Turkey.”


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YouTube, Turkey Resolve Their Differences
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  • Anonymous

    The video was accurate. Ataturk was a homosexual. Youtube shouldn’t change history.

    • Anonymous

      How do you know the truth about Ataturk was a homosexual?If you have a material then share it and show us.If you don’t have , don’t mass it up.And Who the hell think you are?If you gonna problem with human right , lets talk about it.Every country has a some special case.If you curse the quin in the Britain then you ‘ll be judged.Our contry has a special case too about Ataturk.I don’t agree the happening about youtube shut down but someone has to do something about that.

      • Anonymous

        I am a Turk. Few years ago I found an old box with my grandfather’s old documents & letters in it in the garage. Among them, were 3 letters from Ataturk, expressing his feelings for my grandfather. It was a shock to me that my grandfather was gay. I was so shocked that it didn’t matter to me that the other party was Ataturk. I didn’t give it much thought until the Youtube story happened. I mean, I am open minded, so if they were in a relationship, so be it. Nothing wrong with that. I will be happy to send scanned copies of the letters to anyone who asks. Provide your fax number or email address on this site.

        • tsunDay

          hell, i was just gonna make a pithy comment about google rolling over (yet again) to pissy governments

          but omg

          anonymous posters with proof of teh ghey.

          i can’t compete with that.

          What kind of letter are we talking about here?

          “Dear Anonymous’es Grandfather,

          I am so very gay for you. Please do not show anybody this letter with my name on it. for then all will know how so very gay I am.

          and that would be bad.


        • Ducrocq Pierre

          I am very interested by these letters. I don’t know very well english, but if it is possible, you can send me the scanned copies of the letters at this email adress :


          If you want, you can send me your adress too. Tank you and good day.

        • Alex Djegutin

          That’s really interesting.
          Could you please provide me scanned copies of the letters.
          Best regards.

        • part

          Where are these letters ?

        • a.serhat

          Well my friend, i would like to have some copies of that letters. If you can send me e-mail with that copie letter.
          But never forget to be gay or not to be, is not a matter, the most important is to be human and friend.

        • Guest

          I would be pleased to see these letters, thank you.

        • Guest

          Could you send me these letters to :


          It would be very nice.

        • Guest

          FUCK U homo!!

      • Serdar

        I am a Turkish. Jewish dictator Mustafa Kemal was an ibne (which means gay). If anyone has any doubt, they can read Latife’s letters. Latife is his only wife, which the marriage lasted about 1.5 years. The secular jewish republic is hiding Latife’s letters because Latife knew that jewish dictator Mustafa Kemal Ataibne was a gay and she wrote it in those letters. The secular republic is not exposing those letters because they don’t want the brainwashed kemalists to be disappointed about Mustafa Kemal Atajew. Most of the Turks hate jewish pig Mustafa Kemal. Jewish gay Mustafa Kemal Ataibne was not a true man. He satisfied his sexual desires by lying under man. Many other Turkish authors also wrote jewish gay Mustafa Kemal’s gayness in their books, but all these books were banned and the authors were oppressed because they exposed the secrets about jewish gay Mustafa Kemal Ataibne. Two of these authors are Doctor Riza Nur and Huseyin Demirel.

        Jewish gay Mustafa Kemal was not only an ibne (gay) but also a bastard, because his father is still not known. Jewish gay Mustafa Kemal’s mother was a prostitute..

        Please check out this website for more information about jewish gay Mustafa Kemal Ataibne: http://m-kemal.blogspot.com

        • Guest

          there are very good antipsychotic medications available nowdays

    • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        I think that turkeys from Turkey should be last people to make fun of the names of other countries…

        Give me a break. Your country was named after one of the dirtiest animals on the planet… and it’s fitting…

        Actually, I think the animal should be offended to share a name with your country.

        • Anonymous

          Shame on you for your racist xenophobic comment.

          Actually, turkeys are named after the country of Turkey, not the other way around – this is a historical fact.

          • Anonymous

            what do you know about historic facts?

            since when are turks talking about historic facts? I want to see proof that turkeys are named after Turkey. I want you to open your archives. Let’s have your people meet our people. by the way, if one of our people doesn’t agree with your point of view, than your point of view is WRONG.

          • tsunDay

            Turkey (as in the native North American birds) were, in fact, given their name by misguided colonials. The colonials were confusing the North American bird with guinea fowl. I have included links to images of these creatures so you simpletons can do a side by side comparison.

            The colonial Europeans commonly referred to guinea fowl as turkish birds or turkey fowl. This was due to the fact that guinea fowl were imported to Europe from Africa via… (you guessed it) Turkey.

            Now, what any of that has to do with ANYTHING in the article eludes me. The fact that some nitwit was actually claiming the country was named after a sandwich bird simply had to be addressed however.

            Now… Please, let’s get back to the homosexual dictator debate. That’s FAR more entertaining. Where’s that fellow with teh love notes got to anyway?

        • Guest

          Kemal Ataturk is proven homosexual bastard son hero of Turkey.  What is wrong with these facts?

        • One Briton

           Another stupid comment – and shows the persons IQ level and his uneducated racism….

          First of all you moron, Turkiye is the name of the country and it means The land of Turks…. and it doesnt mean any animal in any language apart from English. That is the fault of English language when the name of Turkey was created in 1923. Before that there was no such thing.

  • Anonymous

    How can this be a blow to free speech? If a person posted a video which depicted a very respected figure being insulted, removing this would be a blow to free speech? What is the limit then? If someone posted Mother Teresa in an orgy

    • Anonymous

      your SO-CALLED “very respected figure” was a murderer and a rapist. an evil man. how dare you compare him to Mother Teresa, Mother Mary and Jesus Christ.

      • Anonymous

        Ataturk was one of the greatest nation builders and reformers of all time – the youtube ban was prompted not just by the hateful video but also by dozens of racist videos by Greek ultranationalists

        • Anonymous

          Ataturk built the nation using the blood of Greeks, Assyrians, Armenians, Kurds, etc. He stole from these people and gave it to turks (or is it turkeys?)

          turks can gobble, gobble all they want. the Truth is that Ataturk was worse than Hitler.

          • napoleon

            Its a well recorded fact that throughout Turkish/Ottoman history homosexuality was and still is a cultural norm..
            Some of a long list of examples:

            *Mehmet after the fall of Constantinoupole, demanded that Notaras’ son was sent to him for his pleasures during the night, when Notaras rejected, Mehmet ordered the youth to be killed.. he was decapitated.

            To top it all off, he sent 400 boys to the Sultan of Egypt, the King of Tunis, and the King of Grenada for their sexual pleasures..

            see “Fall of Constantinople 1453″ by Steven Runciman page 151 for a detailed account

            *The swirling Dervish are nothing more than a representation of the poet Rumi’s grief for the death of his lover Shams al-Din..

            *During Ottoman times we find Divan Literature in which we find an abundance of poems written by male poets about their male lovers..

            *We know of the hamams and the Tellaks.. which were boys used for the sexual pleasures of men, they even had a menu, titled the “Dellakname-i Dilkusa” which was nothing more than a price list that mention the type of service and even how many times they could make the customer “cum”..

            *Kemal’s preference is recorded in the biography by Patrick Balfour aka Lord Kinross.. specifically in page 21 he notes:

            “Women, for Mustafa, were a means of satisfying masculine appetites, little more; nor, in his zest for experience, would he be inhibited from passing adventures with young boys, if the opportunity offered and the mood, in this bisexual fin de siecle Ottoman age, came upon him.”

            *If we continue we could quote Hamdullah Aydin, M.D., and Zeynep G

          • Guest

            yeah conqurer was a gay and he screwed your grandfather right???

  • Serdar

    I’m Turkish and I swear this is correct – Jewish dictator Mustafa Kemal was gay, freemason, british agent and his father is not known, that’s he was a bastard. All of these can be proved by checking his archives, documentaries of his years. The secular republic in Turkey was founded by jews and they are running turkey to day like a reserve state of Israel. Can’t you see how the secular state is oppressing the Muslims? Secular regime is brainwashing the Turks ever since its establishment.

    • One Briton

       is not the point here… As a British who lived in Istanbul for 6 years, I have never encountered such a comment.  I am guessing you are muslim-fanatic who wants a sheriah-law and turn the secular democracy into some sort of Iran!

      Do you really believe what you write? If you do, I think you should be locked up! You clearly out of your mind. Your pure existence in your country is thanks to Ataturk. Otherwise you’d have been one of our colonies after the world war I. 

      Whether he was gay or not is totally not the point. You like majority of Turks should be thanking that you did have such a grand commander and a leader like Ataturk.


  • Guest

    oh my god!!!!

    awful! it is not fair ! it is unbelievable how they can block it for that reason! omg!!!! are they freak?
    i am trying to access youtube the whole day !i cant! the ban is not still removed!!!!

    that is really shameful reason! and behavior !
    just unbelievable!!!!!!

    they would keep turks evacuated from the rest of the world if they could i guess!

    which  century do we live people?

  • Guest

    Unfortunately, many countries have a shameful past such as

    United States: Slavery, massacre of Indians and many other things that we are currently seeing in the media now in middle east

    U.K: Colonial dictatorship

    Germany: Genocide of Jews


    This list can go forever . It is very sad to know and hear about what happened to our great great parents but it is also so sad that people are still STUCK with past, hatred and grudge that they keep feeding the same thing to their kids. I wish all people and nations could  think in a way that past is past and start forgiving each other and  create a loving peaceful and respectful society for the future generations.


  • Guest

    To Serdar:

    You are not a Turk for sure. You are full of lies and hatred towards Turks.

  • Guest

    Could you send me these letters to


    It would be very nice.

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