YouTube Try’s To Shakeup Spain Election

    February 20, 2008

Voters in Spain have been using YouTube to connect with the two main candidates running in a parliamentary election on March 9.

Socialist Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has avoided potential embarrassing moments by responding to just a small number of bland clips selected by Spanish television.

YouTube Elecciones 08

Voters have asked Zapatero how he could cut taxes and guarantee public services, while another vented about the lack of job security for Spanish workers. He has been able to easily respond to such concerns.

There are more off the wall clips on YouTube’s Spanish election site, including one featuring a transvestite in a dress who is not happy about conservative opposition leader Mariano Rajoy’s unfavorable view of gay marriage. 

In another video, a man was critical of the prime minister over a corruption case in central Spain. "Mr. Zapatero, how much is an honest citizen worth to you? Zero," he said.

Although YouTube is a new way for voters to communicate with candidates its political influence has not had a major impact in Spain. Most major parties are concentrating their resources on traditional media instead of the Internet.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt says the Internet will be a more crucial factor in future elections. It has already been proven to be a useful tool in the U.S. for candidates to raise money for their campaigns, along with promoting their message.