YouTube Takes Their Embedded Videos More Seriously

By: Chris Crum - November 6, 2008

44% of YouTube users watch embedded videos. To be clear, that is not 44% of the site’s total views as NewTeeVee points out, but still nearly half of users are watching videos from other sites, blogs, social media profiles, etc.

With this information, it makes perfect sense to make as many YouTube features as accessible as possible right from these embedded videos. This should only keep users engaged with YouTube for longer periods of time. In a move that probably should’ve happened much earlier, YouTube has now decided to incorporate more features into the embedded videos. As discussed on the YouTube blog, these new features include:

High-quality start images (thumbnails) – Before you press play on embedded YouTube videos, the thumbnails for the video will be presented in high-quality. We’re pleased with the results – let us know if you agree.

Search in embeddable player – At the close of an embedded video, along with the usual recommended videos and URLs, a search box will appear. Not only will you be able search from within the embedded player, you will be able to watch videos through the same window. That’s right, you can search all of YouTube from the comfort of your favorite blog, news, or humor page.

Integrated video annotations – Annotations enable video producers to incorporate text information into their videos, create choose your own adventure-style stories or add links to any YouTube video. People watching videos through the embedded player can now join the fun.

 – Integrated closed captions – Back in August we started allowing video creators to add captions to their videos. Closed Captions are now available in embedded videos.

YouTube embedded video search box

The search box availability in the videos is the feature I think is truly overdue for the reasons I mentioned above. There’s no telling how many more videos will be viewed as a direct result of this.

YouTube needs to do everything in its power to stay competitive in the online video industry. It’s already got the tremendous brand power behind it. It needs to continue to add convenient features to stay on top of its game as more competitors arise (like for example). Offering full-length films will be a great addition as well.

Chris Crum

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  • FaTe

    Many sites alike my own keep embedding youtube but with custom url embeds instead of the silly faff on they keep running you through. Youtube is a media that wont disappear quickly anytime soon and spamming the users with more confusing buttons options and making it look generally untidy with far too many features for a user who simply wanted to watch a video.

    protecting there on-line interest and evolving is one thing but they should keep check on how many new features get pumped out before half the general public gets confused…

    • Guest

      I agree.  The example shown on this page looks junky.  It would be good if we could choose the features we want with an embedded video and leave the others out.

      • College Joe

        It does look junky, although more functionality is good.

        Clearly YouTube is not an answer for everything and in many cases it makes more sense to host your own video

  • Guest

    I dont like this idea as our site is religious and it seems that you tube porn could be streamed onto our site.This is not good.It put their content that they put on your site out of your hands.I would have to remove all utube embeded videos rather than let them show obscene content on my site

    • Guest

      That’s a good point.  Hopefully YouTube will allow a configuration that doesn’t include all these new features for those who don’t want them.

  • bainzy

    Youtube has got it right at present but will have to evolve to compete, adding new functions is the natural way to go but they will have to make the functions adaptable to ALL of their users or someone else will come along and do what they are not doing…No company or product in a globaliized society such as the Earth is now is uncatchable, its just pressing the right buttons to excite the populace to get there as companies like Google and Microsoft will tell you…

    No rule lasts forever !!!! 

  • Julie

    I find it totally addictive but i am glad they are offering more functionality – I am surprised it didn’t come earlier.