YouTube Symphony Orchestra Reaches Final Stages

    April 15, 2009

The YouTube Symphony Orchestra project represented a neat idea: use the Internet to have musicians from all over the world perform a single piece of music.  And now it’s reaching the final and most interesting stages of development as a mashup’s been compiled and everyone’s set to perform at Carnegie Hall.

Up until now, the YouTube Symphony Orchestra undertaking has had some flaws.  The vast number of submissions from would-be performers made it almost impossible to choose and vote for favorites, and then, once finalists had been selected, it still wasn’t much fun to listen to any single part of a grand composition get played.

But as announced on both the Official Google Blog and the YouTube Blog, "[T]oday on YouTube’s homepage, we are proud to present the world premiere of Tan Dun’s composition ‘Internet Symphony, Eroica,’ as selected and mashed up from nearly 3,000 video submissions from around the globe."

And the official posts also promised, "We’ll be posting the full performance from Carnegie Hall on YouTube tomorrow at"

These steps represent a big payoff for people who have followed the YouTube Symphony Orchestra from the beginning, and should prove interesting to folks who perhaps haven’t paid as much attention, as well.