YouTube Starts "On The Rise" Spotlight Program


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Some lesser-known participants in the YouTube Partner Program are about to get a serious leg up when it comes to promoting their channels.  Late yesterday, YouTube introduced a contest-like feature called "On the Rise" which will grant crowd favorites a spot on the homepage.

The rules are simple.  A post on the YouTube Blog explained, "[E]very month, we'll pull together a list of partner channels whose subscriber rate has quickly accelerated in the last 30 days but who still have less than 100,000 subscribers.  We'll winnow that list down to a handful of channels, and then we'll ask the community to vote on one channel . . ."

Next, as mentioned earlier, the winner will "be featured on the YouTube homepage and get promoted through our social media channels on Twitter and Facebook."

The first four contestants are makeup expert emilynoel83, a golf channel, oddball kalebnation, and toy reviewer optibotimus if you'd care to vote.

Or, if you're more interested in receiving votes, we'll mention that it's possible to nominate yourself for On the Rise in the comments section of the YouTube Blog post.

Good luck to all current and future contenders.

A couple programming notes: the first round of voting will end on November 2nd, and November 6th is when the initial winner will be featured on the YouTube homepage.