YouTube Rubs Canada Wrong Way

    November 7, 2007

In no way do I mean to deny Canada its national identity, but, really, Canada and the U.S. are pretty similar.  And this makes the launch of YouTube Canada a rather pointless development.

Granted, some Canadians speak French, and most Americans don’t.  But YouTube Canada only features the sort of English that makes the word “color” into “colour,” and I have faith that just about everyone can understand both versions.  A video commemorating the release of this new site makes matters even worse.

Don’t waste 90 seconds of your life by watching it – in my mind, the clip only established that Canada’s flags are not continually windblown.  Although it also succeeded, if you can call it that, in annoying a bunch people (take Todd Friesen’s blog entry and the comments that follow as evidence of this).

Actually, the entire launch of YouTube Canada seems to have had that effect.  On YouTube Canada’s Official Blog, many of the commenters are angry about being redirected from to  To be fair, others are happy, and some people have pointed out that, by working with a smaller site, Canadians might get greater exposure.

But on the whole, YouTube seems to have screwed up.  Don’t be surprised if YouTube Canada is somewhat less than successful.