YouTube Releases YouTube XL

Site Optimzied for Televisions & Large Monitors

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Yesterday YouTube unveiled the newest way to view the sites content, simply called YouTube XL.

Basically YouTube XL is a redesigned version of the YouTube website, optimized for televisions and large computer monitors.

YouTube XL

The best part about YouTube XL is, outside of Flash, nothing else is required for it to run. You can view YouTube XL directly in your browser window.

The first thing that caught my eye about YouTube XL is just how clean the interface is. It’s very minimalist. Currently there are NO advertisements, NO comments, NO suggested videos or any extra content outside of the videos themselves.

(Don’t get to excited yet, as I’m sure YouTube has plans for advertising on YouTubeXL.)

To give you a better idea of how YouTube XL looks on a television, I’ve taken the following two photos in the WebProNews breakroom. The first is the “Plain Jane” YouTube and the second is YouTube XL.

WebProNews Breakroom - YouTube

WebProNews Breakroom - YouTube XL

From the two photos above you can see that YouTube XL is by far better suited for televison viewing.

On a side note, the release of YouTube XL comes on the heels of Hulu’s release of Hulu Desktop, a downloadable application that allows users to watch all of Hulu’s content with easier navigation for televisions.

With both YouTube & Hulu releasing similar services mere days apart, it’s clear that another "war" is possibly brewing.

But, if YouTube wants to truly compete with Hulu, they need to work on obtaining some high-quality content.

YouTube Releases YouTube XL
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  • http://www.wildwebwest.com Mary Mangold

    I cannot tell you how often in the past one year that I have referenced the merging of television and internet! With the release of YouTubeXL, I consider this as a clear step in that direction. I have not claimed to know how soon it will happen, but typically I will say a couple years to five years, television and internet media will merge.

    I love YouTube.com and have been posting videos as fast as I can, in the midst of so many other tasks and learning cycles.

    Thank you for your article. I will retweet to spread the word.

    Just finished the second session for June 3rd by Michael Stelzer in the Social Media Summit 2009 series. WOW! What an exciting learning session all about Michael’s experiences and results in marketing his Social Media Marketing Summit, using social media marketing techniques. PHENOMENAL RESULTS!

    Youtube.com is definitely a part of the equation!

    • Jeremy Muncy

      I completely agree with you about Internet & TV merging in the near future… personally, I can’t wait for it.

      Also, thanks for the kind words about my article… and thanks for retweeting it :)

      Jeremy Muncy

  • http://www.homesteadusers.com Homestead Users

    I remember telling a good friend of mine less than a year ago that the Internet was heading toward streaming live video and television.

    It was so obvious. Things are going to get even better. What a scary but exciting time to live in.

  • Guest

    Hulu > YouTube XL

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