YouTube Rapper Raps About Impending SWAT Team Arrest

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Last year, a Utah man live-Facebooked his own standoff with police and until now that was the craziest use of social media by a guy about to get himself arrested.

Enter 19-year-old Josh Jackson aka Adequate Advocate, an aspiring rapper who decided to use his talents to rap about the SWAT team that was about to come busting through his door.

"The police think I'm a's why right now literally they're outside my house - because my roommates done did it."

"Bring the motherf*ckin' swat team, special weapons and tactics operation...I don't really give a f*ck because I'm nineteen. And I'm not a criminal, I'm political, and right now...OH SH*T - you heard the blast," said Jackson moments before his arrest.

That blast was the sound of a flashbang going off as the SWAT team entered Jackson's rental property.

Jackson posted the video on YouTube late Tuesday:

The SWAT team was after our YouTube MC because his roommates accused him off threatening them with a knife.

According to police, Jackson has "a history of resisting the police in the past.” He'll be in court next Tuesday.

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