YouTube Partners Treated To $1,000 Shopping Sprees

YouTube arranges to buy 500 partners better video equipment

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YouTube videos that look like and sound like they were shot with $40 cell phones and tin cans on strings are about to become much more rare.  YouTube announced this afternoon that it’s going to let 500 YouTube partners conduct shopping sprees on its dime, only the actual total should be closer to $500,000.

A post on the YouTube Blog explained, "[W]e’re giving a $1,000 credit at B&H Photo to 500 partners around the world, who primarily create and distribute their content online, to purchase new video production equipment.  This group includes well-known YouTube stars like ShayCarl, MysteryGuitarMan and FreddieW . . . and also successful musicians like Kina Grannis and promising new talents like EmilyNoel83, who was the inaugural winner of our ‘On The Rise’ program last month."

Congrats to the content creators who will profit from this move.  Obviously, it’s a compliment regarding your talent, and we’re sure spending $1,000 will be fun, besides.

At least a couple other entities/groups should benefit, too.  B&H Photo is going to see a considerable bump in sales, of course.  Then YouTube users are bound to enjoy the final results.

YouTube itself might even come out ahead, at least in the long term.  If higher-quality videos attract more viewers and advertisers, the extra revenue could at some point outweigh the expense of the shopping spree.

Here’s an interesting fact if you find that hard to believe: the YouTube Blog post stated, "Collectively, these 500 partners generated billions of video views in 2010 . . ."

YouTube Partners Treated To $1,000 Shopping Sprees
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  • Adsense Publisher

    Right now on Google’s own help forums a lot of publishers are reporting being banned from Adsense when they are invited to become Youtube partners and earn revenue through the Adsense ads that are placed automatically on their videos.

    Why are they being banned?

    They are being banned when people click on the ads on purpose for no other reason than to disable the publisher’s Adsense account. Google isn’t stepping in to correct the problem other than to ban the publisher.

    Now the question remains are these publishers really telling the truth?
    How do we know they didn’t click on the ads in such a way they thought they wouldn’t get caught?
    If they are telling the truth, what is the official recommendation from Google/Youtube to stop this behavior from happening to honest publishers?

    Would you trust Google/Youtube if there is a risk that if your videos become popular and you are invited to become a Youtube revenue sharing partner that anybody can click bomb the ads and get your Adsense account banned? This means even if you have a real website with content and later become a Youtube partner that if somebody attacks the ads on your Youtube videos that the ads on your domain will also get turned off.

    Maybe somebody from WebProNews can ask Google/Youtube what’s really going on and how they intend on helping the innocent publishers from being attacked while going after the scammers who are doing this on purpose and blaming others as an excuse. After all it’s their website, not the publisher’s website that hosts the Youtube videos. So shouldn’t Youtube have some responsibility in preventing this from happening, or at least give the publisher some tools to prevent or detect it from happening so they can cancel their partnership and protect their Adsense account from being banned?

    So if anybody out there is considering to be a partner of Youtube, you might want to consider another option, like doing a video blog where you can use Youtube videos, but the ads are placed on your blog outside of the video player. Don’t forget to add a bit of text about the video you embed on your blog as the Adsense bot needs that to determine what ads to display. Granted you won’t earn anything from the views on Youtube, but you will if anybody clicks the ads on your blog that aren’t inside the video player.

  • http://newman.net.nz Philip

    I was a partner for a few years before suddenly without warning they closed my Adsence account saying it was “in the best interest of their advertisers.” Not only that once you loose your partner status your video views dropped. I went from getting 2000+ views to about 100…

    I still publish on Youtube but they take the cost of the bandwidth as no ads show up next to my videos anymore so really it was their loss…

  • Adsense Publisher

    The best way to exploit Youtube for profits is to make a video blog.
    If you’re into making your own videos, then write some text about them as well on your free blogger blog, using your free Youtube account, and throw up other ads if you were banned from Adsense, or Adsense ads if you have an Adsense account. Nobody can click bomb your videos on Youtube if they have no ads. Sure they can hit your website, but if you have tracking, you can see when they do.

    Going back months ago when Google announced the revenue share percentages between itself and the publisher, I realized that Google gets 32% off the top, and the 68% left is split between the publisher and Youtube (or just the publisher if you don’t use Youtube), but Youtube never says how much they take. Why is that? What do they have to hide? Maybe that in the end between Google and Youtube (which we all know Google owns obviously), they make off with more of the money than the publisher and that’s what they have to hide, that we’re ending up working for them because they take most of the money.

  • Guest

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  • ???

    It sounds wonderful, but these bonuses are going to the people who don’t speak up about YouTube’s underhanded business tactics. It’s an unfair and gluttonous practice comparable to the awarding of top AIG officials who helped cause the 2008 market crash using money ultimately coming from the American taxpayers. It’s something we should not fall for. Please spread the word.

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