YouTube Partner Program Goes To The UK

    January 31, 2008

First north, then east – from the US and Canada, the YouTube Partner Program has made its way to the UK.

In short, the Partner Program (or "Programme," if you like) gives YouTube contributors a share of whatever ad revenue their videos generate.  Percentages are kept secret, total sums have been rather small, and only the most popular contributors are included, but the concept has still gone over well with most users.YouTube Partner Program Goes To The UK

Now we’ll get to see how the British respond.  On the official YouTube Blog, a post also adds, "We look forward to bringing the YouTube Partner Program to more international users in the near future."

It seems like this might, depending on those unknown terms, draw new users to the localized versions of sites.  It definitely shouldn’t chase away any old ones.  But since YouTube UK isn’t too tiny a property, the Partner Program’s success or failure in this implementation could have a big impact on how quickly it is allowed to spread.

We’ll now direct a hat tip to Mike Butcher, and allow you, if you wish, to direct your eyes to "Pancakes!"