YouTube On Verge Of Supporting 1080p Video

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YouTube will soon put even more distance between itself and its old reputation for being a repository of crummy-looking, user-generated content.  Support for watching 1080p HD videos in full resolution is due to be introduced on Monday.

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1080p is, in case you didn’t know, the picture type associated with Blu-ray.  It makes very minute details visible (hair and makeup teams were none too happy about its creation), and on YouTube, should simply allow for larger images, too.

Unfortunately, creating and displaying 1080p clips requires enough stuff that not everyone will be able to take part.  Content creators who don’t have fairly new cameras will be left out.  Then, viewers who don’t have fast Internet connections, fast computers, and large monitors should probably just stick to what was already available for the sake of not having clips stutter.

Still, YouTube’s trying to make the switch easy on people.  A post on the YouTube Blog stated, "[T]hose of you who have already uploaded in 1080p, don’t worry.  We’re in the process of re-encoding your videos so we can show them the way you intended."

And the introduction of support for 1080p is important.  In the long run, it’ll provide an attractive option to professional content creators and advertisers, along with the obvious eye candy benefits for YouTube users.

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YouTube On Verge Of Supporting 1080p Video
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  • http://www.controldatainc.com Colleciton agencies

    Thats great but your still going to have millions of videos still in the old format. Im assuming everything you want in the high resolution would have to be re-uploaded. Great improvement but it will probably take a long time before you see the advantage of it.

  • http://www.beatlottery.co.uk Peter Dolinaj

    HD is a great news! I’m just wondering about the speed since many times even the low-res go quite slow on fiber optics. Anyway, good idea!

    • I know there is a ‘cache’ to this

      Just making sure you have the latest version of Flash available to your OS and browser is a good idea but I’m willing to bet there are still a lot of people out there with 2.0 GHz+ processors from around 2001-05 who have horribly small onboard L2 cache sizes, running XP and using Windows Media 11 as well. The older versions weren’t the bee’s knees mind you although a 500 MHz Pentium based eMachines with onboard ATi Rage 2 would still make a respectable viewing experience in the regular page mode.

      I’m getting ready to replace a Celeron 2.6 GHz with a real Pentium 4 2.4 GHz simply for the sake of the cache of the current CPU resting on my early DDR (266 MHz) Intel D845GBV and I will try to get the memory up to it’s max (it’s 256 KB now). You have to be patient and pause to let it buffer a good deal or all, like it was 1999 still although usually it plays without much problem when fully loaded.

      I don’t get that hassle from some other platforms and some pre-buffer prior to access. Mind you I was one of the early streaming video experimenters, having tried Woodstock ’99 only to have nothing to watch until AFTER the riots…I believe that was a P90 and we were SOOOO optimistic ten years ago. Hey, I made that sucker work though! It was 56K too!

      Even if you are reusing donated motherboard that belonged to Millard Fillmore a little creativity and ingenuity helps.

      First computer use: TRS-80 Model I 8K no DOS (1979)
      Online since 1995, fully since 1997
      It helped to be 13 when I started.

  • http://www.secretdiamond.com Secret Diamond

    I hope it allows our videos to show better. We have beautiful videos that look great on our site, but look pretty bad on Youtube.

  • http://www.memphissigncompany.com Memphissigncompany.com

    I think it’s great to be able to put high rez video on my web site, I did’nt know it couldbe done, but for me with needing this stype of media to show detail is veryinortant. When doing presentations to clients I am forced to use avi, and MP4 files and this will mean a whole new world of capabilities for me. keep going Yahoo.!!!

    Message to Peter Dolinaj….. Pete if you have optical ( fiber optic able ) you have the fastes type of data trasfer. Either your provider, or your computer is not working properly or you need to increase your speed.

    thanks Stephanie R

    • I know there is a ‘cache’ to this

      You Tube is owned by GOOGLE.

  • http://www.surveychicken.com Survey Chicken

    That would be cool if Youtube went to 1080p. A lot more to load though with a resolution and quality that high…

  • http://www.geminimarketing.ca gem

    Gotta love owning a Panasonic HXV200! 1080p youtube here i come!

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