YouTube Is Sued Yet Again

    July 30, 2008

If Google has a legal achilles heel right now, it’s got to be YouTube. The search engine knew it was buying a can of worms, when it set aside $200 million in anticipation of potential lawsuits. Today, Italian broadcaster Mediaset decides that it likes what it sees in the Viacom copyright case, so it too has filed a $780 million lawsuit against YouTube.

According to Reuters:

Mediaset said a sample analysis of YouTube at June 10 found "at least 4,643 videos and clips owned by us, equivalent to more than 325 hours of transmission without having rights".

Mediaset said this was equal to the loss of 315,672 days of broadcasting by its three TV channels.

I think YouTube’s shrug of the shoulders response is hilarious. Reuters says "a YouTube spokeswoman said it did not see the need for the legal case."

Really, YouTube? Don’t see the need, huh? OK, well I’m sure Mediaset will just scurry off and not worry about the copyrighted content being uploaded every day. Perhaps, Mediaset could apologize for the inconvenience and maybe wax Google’s jumbo jet while it’s at it. :-)