YouTube Introduces Known Issues Page

    January 23, 2008

At WebProNews, we’ve seen people post comments on articles that were years old, asking for help from authors who were long gone.  This seems to be a pretty common occurrence at many sites, for that matter, and YouTube’s addressing it by creating a Known Issues Page.

Naturally, the YouTube Known Issues Page is only for YouTube issues – at other sites, people will still do well to check dates and use common sense.  Still, this seems like a good way for users of the video-sharing service to raise problems in a visible and correct manner.YouTube Introduces Known Issues Page

It should also make the video-sharing site’s operations more transparent; assuming YouTube’s administrators don’t fiddle with the "Bugs" and "Common Issues" lists, onlookers will know if any problems remain unsolved for weeks or months on end.

YouTube has a very vocal user base; any time we’re reporting on something posted on the YouTube Blog, we can’t help but notice this.  The newest post assures readers, "We’ll update the Known Issues page often.  Please note that if there’s a more widespread problem (like the homepage disappearing!), you can go to the Help Center homepage where we’ll broadcast the issue in a bright red box we call the Status Module."

Now back we go to cleaning out the comments log.