YouTube Increases Maximum File Size

    November 12, 2007

One of my chief complaints about YouTube has always related to the crappy video quality.  It now looks like I’ll have to find something else to whine about – the site has increased its limit on files’ sizes by a factor of ten, and files’ lengths still can’t exceed ten minutes.

YouTube Blog From a viewer’s perspective, this should make for a much better YouTube experience – 1GB is bound to look a lot sharper than 100MB.  Content creators aren’t being ignored, though, as YouTube has also introduced the “Bulk Uploader” for them.

This does exactly what its name might lead you to expect.  YouTube’s warning users about loading times – “[i]t may take 30 minutes or more for extremely large files to appear on your My Videos page” – but the feature should be warmly welcomed, nonetheless.

YouTube’s been a bit hit-or-miss in recent days – the launch of YouTube Canada definitely falls into that second category, but the launch of YouTube Germany and these upgrades are solid wins.

They’re also the most recent events out of that group, which leaves us looking forward to whatever YouTube does next.