YouTube In Your Facebook

    September 1, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

YouTube is getting into Facebook’s arena, adding a video-networking angle for college students. Part of the Groups section of the site, students can share videos from last night’s ballgame, or last weekend’s kegger.

T-minus four days until a Senator’s daughter gets her trust fund raided and her car taken away.

So far, there are about 31 colleges and universities represented, with about 30 more to come.

But the Girls-Gone-Wild crowd shouldn’t get too excited just yet. You have to be a student or faculty member of the college, with a valid .edu email address before you can view the content.

This could only turn out badly, says DownloadSquad’s Jordan Running:

In all likelihood we’re on the verge of a flurry of editorials describing employers who have turned down promising young graduates, students getting disciplinary action, and parents getting all in a huff over things seen on YouTube.

The feature allows students to start or join groups within their YouTube college, and connect with others who have the same interests.

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