YouTube Goes Retro With Banner Ads And Pop-Ups

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When Google bought YouTube, the second question people asked (after "what about the copyright nightmare?) was about how Google planned to introduce advertising into a pure video vacuum. YouTubers have never been keen on being sold anything, not even Paris Hilton.

In case you forgot, back when Paris Hilton launched her own special YouTube channel to promote her silly little song, purist YouTubers chimed in with their fears that the site would become too commercial.

Well, it’s too late for that now. It’s a marketer’s world these days, whether you’re selling hotel rooms or politics. But the burning debate surrounding video ads has been over whether pre-roll, mid-roll, or post roll ads were best.

Advertisers like pre-roll ads the best, but they can push the viewer to push the "Stop" button. People rightly assume viewers won’t stick around for post-roll. Mid-roll ads operate on the same premise as TV and radio ads – hook the viewer, make them wait a few seconds, and then get back to the content.

Google and YouTube know their touchy demographic, though. They won’t tolerate any in-video ads for long, if at all. This must be why they’re falling back on old standards: banners and pop-ups.

Yes, pop-ups.

If you have you’re Firefox browser tuned right, you won’t be able to see what Beet.tv’s Andy Plesser is pointing to. So use Internet Explorer or check out Plesser’s Dennis Kucinich video screen shot of the Best Western pop-up ad.

The banner ads seem more contextual. Click to view a Kucinich video and you may see a banner ad for YouTube’s latest baby, CitizenTube.

Though it seems backwards at first for such a Web 2.0 marketplace, it makes a lot of sense to do it this way. YouTubers just won’t tolerate their pure user-generated haven being interrupted constantly by in-vid advertisements.

The pop-ups may get annoying though. It will be interesting to see how the YouTube crowd responds. 

YouTube Goes Retro With Banner Ads And Pop-Ups
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  • YouTube Fan

    There are no pop ups on YouTube. The screenshot you provided is a rich media expandable banner ad. FAR different from a pop-up. I work in media closely with the ad sales team and they DO NOT sell pop-ups!!!

    • You=Tool

      If you’re going to blog, please do some research first.

  • mk

    That’s correct. This is RICH MEDIA, a banner execution, not a POP-UP. You should certainly educate your readers and supply them with the corrected information.

  • Jason Lee – idiot?

    This ad is not a Pop Up. Its a rich media expandable ad that the users choose to expand. Every site has it. How can you write an article and not have the facts down?

    • Guest

      Dude!! You dont seem to be using the website much!!!

  • Freddy Petty

    Relax nerds and go back to your nerd holes.

    • chris

      don’t be so ignorant the pop ups are very annoying , when you go see a movie you wouldn’t want pop up ads so what’s the difference

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