YouTube Gives Longer Clips A Chance

    June 18, 2008

Call it a characteristic or a problem, but the longest clips YouTube generally allowed only lasted ten minutes.  Now some partners are being encouraged to exceed that and post movie-length videos.

Such things have appeared on YouTube before; the 95-minute "Harold Buttleman, Daredevil Stuntman" showed up almost 11 months ago.  They’ve been extremely rare, though, and content creators were stuck with annoying limits.  Hulu had a definite lead in this category.

So YouTube’s changing its mind.  Michael Learmonth reports that certain content partners have been told, "You now will be able to upload and monetize videos in your account that are longer than 10 minutes.  This feature is exclusively for partners.  Independent Film makers that partner with us will now be able to upload their feature films on our site.  Please note that for long form content, the maximum file size is 1GB."

This isn’t an invitation to post copyrighted content, of course, and knowing YouTube, video quality may remain a problem (see "Stuntman").  Yet viewers are likely to enjoy at least some of the longer clips, and – ulterior motive alert – advertisers are bound to see more ways to hawk their products.

Keep an eye out for extended videos, then, and mind what happens with ads and overall watchability, as well.