YouTube Gets Some Company on the iPhone

    November 24, 2008
    Chris Crum has announced that its hosted video clips can now be viewed on the iPhone through its Safari browser. Previously, YouTube was the only player that let users watch videos on both desktop browsers and the iPhone’s browser.

The technology team at created this “magic” iPhone embed because Adobe’s Flash player is currently not available on the iPhone. explains that this technology allows show creators to use the same embedded player code to target desktop browers and the iPhone browser.  

"Currently, the only video player that allows you to view video directly out of the iPhone browser is YouTube," a representative tells WebProNews.  " now has that capability as well." Outside of and YouTube, the only way that video can currently be viewed on the iPhone is through podcast subscriptions or separate download links, which also supports.

“A major selling point of the iPhone is that it completely replicates the Web surfing user experience,” said co-founder and CTO Justin Day.  “We worked hard to recreate that seamless experience and allow users to watch video directly off of the page they’re looking at.”

Advertisers who use will be happy to know that their ads will also be viewable on the iPhone. This is how makes its money. They split ad revenues with content providers.