YouTube Gets Its Own AdSense

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YouTube may have just begun implementing its real moneymaker. The world’s most popular video site is now essentially offering its own AdSense-style program. That comparison comes straight from the horse’s mouth, mind you.

Last year, YouTube launched "Promoted Vidoeos." Now they are putting those on watch pages in the "related videos" section.

YouTube Promoted Videos

"If you think of the initial launch of Promoted Videos as similar to AdWords — a search advertising opportunity for marketers on YouTube — this new feature is a lot like AdSense," says a post from a couple of YouTube product managers. "For example, while Promoted Videos appearing next to search results are keyword targeted, those appearing on watch pages are contextually targeted based on the video and content of the page, so they are suited to your audience’s interests. Also like AdSense, revenue generated by Promoted Videos on watch pages will be shared with the YouTube partner. This is another way we can help partners make money on YouTube, in addition to the display ads we serve in and alongside videos themselves."

The world has been waiting for YouTube to become profitable, and there have been hints recently that it was coming. This might just be the ticket.

Meanwhile, YouTube has been working hard at making improvements and adding more appealing content. In recent months they have added feature films and shows, as well as movie trailers.

YouTube has also begun taking a special interest in news content. They recently invited publishers to become YouTube partners and launched the YouTube Reporters’ Center for citizen reporters. Now they have started including a "News Near You" section for local news. The point is, they’re expanding on the types of content they offer, and this will be good for a AdSense-like program.

YouTube Gets Its Own AdSense
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  • http://www.laokay.com Steve

    I remember where Youtube was supposed to pay us publishers a CPM for how many views we got from embedding youtube videos on our sites and a share of the revenue the ads generated from clicks. The problem was there was no way to tell how many views and how many clicks occurred, or even a separate section to track performance.

    If at least us publishers can track how well the videos are doing, then great, otherwise it’s another failed attempt at a launch of ad units with youtube.

  • http://www.squidoo.com/theclickbankprofitsystemreview Clickbank Profit System

    Looks like I’m heading over to YouTube to check it out. Thanks for the report.

  • http://www.carpaltunnel-cure.com Mike Ashdown

    It is great news! i have lot of videos already but don’t have AdSense, how to set up for AdSense?

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