YouTube Enters Taiwan

    October 18, 2007

YouTube isn’t widely considered to be a purveyor of highbrow or important content.  But as the video-sharing site launches in another country – Taiwan – special attention is being paid to what’s put on it.

For their part, execs at Google and YouTube are just hoping the service catches on.  They’ve had some difficulty making breakthroughs in Asian markets, and given Taiwan’s proximity to China, it could conceivably act as a stepping-stone.

On the other hand, Taiwan is at odds with China, and YouTube users may not do anything to improve that relationship.  “The island’s Government Information Office Minister, Shieh Jhy-wei, called on people across Taiwan to use YouTube as a weapon against China’s attempts to thwart the island from gaining membership in the United Nations,” reports Dan Nystedt.

Nystedt then continues, “He asked people to post videos to YouTube showing off the island’s beauty and democratic progress, as part of the UN for Taiwan campaign to join the UN.”

Interestingly enough, the Taiwanese version of YouTube may already be playing a significant economic role in the region; following its introduction, people in China who have tried to access sites owned by American companies have been redirected to Baidu.