YouTube Creating “Reporters” Channel

    June 7, 2008

When it comes to reporters, there’s no shortage of options.  Tough old men, pretty young women, and everything in between can be seen on TV.  But if you’re looking for still more alternatives, YouTube’s introducing a "Reporters" channel.

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 Pre-Reporter YouTube Channels

A post on the YouTube Blog announced, "Soon, we’ll start surfacing Reporter channels on their very own browse page under the Channels tab, so it will be much easier to find news content on YouTube."  It appears that the new channel will fit between those dedicated to politicians and sponsors, with directors, gurus, and musicians filling out some of the rest of the list.

To be honest, we’re a bit leery of what might show up thanks to the Reporters channel.  From insane people to inaccurate statements to hopelessly hyperlocal information, there’s bound to be a lot of stuff that will, at best, have limited appeal.

On the other hand, Brian Williams can’t be everywhere, and some truly fascinating stories are sure to surface on the channel.  Also, it’s not like the YouTube experience as a whole isn’t stuck in the same state.

Users will just have to judge for themselves whether the ratio between bad and good makes the new Reporters channel worth watching.