YouTube Comprises 10% Of All Internet Traffic

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For the first time in four years, HTTP (Web) traffic has overtaken peer-to-peer (P2P) applications in bandwidth consumption, according to data released by Ellacoya Networks. YouTube takes the biggest chunk of all of them.

Based on usage data from about a million North American broadband subscribers, the study showed that streaming video and audio downloads have spiked HTTP bandwidth usage to 46 percent of all traffic on the network.

P2P applications now amount for 37 percent of the total traffic.

“The popularity of browser-based video such as YouTube is having a significant impact not only on overall bandwidth consumption but also on the distribution of application traffic on the network,” said Fred Sammartino, vice president of marketing and product management at Ellacoya.

“The way people use the Internet is changing rapidly – from browsing to real-time streaming. We expect to see new applications over the next year that will accelerate this trend.”

Within HTTP, traditional webpage downloads like text and images represent 45 percent of all Web traffic. Streaming videos pulls in 36 percent and audio just 5 percent.

All by itself, YouTube comprises 20 percent of all HTTP traffic, or nearly 10 percent of all traffic on the Net. Let’s repeat that: one site takes up 10 percent of the bandwidth on the entire Net.

As for other types, Newsgroups take up nine percent; non-HTTP video streaming grabs 3 percent; gaming 2 percent; and VoIP 1 percent.


YouTube Comprises 10% Of All Internet Traffic
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  • http://forums.usanetwork.com/index.php?showuser=75445 Guest

    great! this was really helpful!

  • Lyall

    The author should take care to note that the study comprised only North American internet users, and only broadband users at that, thus making it inaccurate to say that 10% of ALL internet traffic goes to YouTube.

  • DJ

    Some information on the basis for these figures would be nice.  I think ISP’s think the more outrageous the numbers, the more traffic shaping and other tools they can implement.

  • Guest

    This article says that streaming in general takes up 10-15 percent of bandwidth — http://netequalizer.wordpress.com/2008/08/29/youtube-the-unfunded-mandate/

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    Just what is the entire bandwidth of the Internet? Who came up with the number and how did they do it? Sounds a little like a report I watched in the very early 90’s where the reporter said 1 million dollars will be made on the net this yer..quite matter of factly. MY partner and I laughed heartily because we were on our 3rd million dollar month of the year. So much for anyone to be able to actually measure anything accurately.

    • Guest

      you are absolutely retarded

      you and your gay partner did not ever make a million dollars in a month or much less your lifetimes.

      also no reporter ever said one million dollars would be made on the whole internet in a year.

      no one could possibly be that stupid.

      even when the internet was in its infancy and not used but the general public, there were profits exceeding the millions.

      you might agree with this last statement, but do you see how it proves your reporter story is a lie?

      the reason i know you’re lying about your own income is that you act like a typical hot-air kid surfing the web on his mommy and daddy’s dime.

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