YouTube Comedy Contest Announced

    February 18, 2008

As everyone who’s watched "The Boondock Saints" can appreciate, it’s hard to be funny on demand.  YouTube isn’t so much demanding humor as offering users the opportunity to provide it, however, and although the deadline of a just-announced contest isn’t too far off, the winner will get $25,000 for his (or her) trouble.YouTube Comedy Contest Announced

Videos lasting less than three minutes must be submitted by March 3rd in order to qualify for the Sketchies 2 Contest.  The clips will have to feature a cast member interacting with a musical instrument, and, presumably as a result of the contest’s promotional ties to the Toyota Corolla, must have something to do with a road trip.

Judging and voting will then take place until March 19th, after which ten finalists will be given until April 6th to create another video.  By April 15th, a public vote will decide the winner, and somebody will become $25,000 richer soon afterwards.  Video equipment worth $15,000 will be tossed in, as well.

For would-be comedy stars, this is obviously a big opportunity; while the overall fame of YouTube users is debatable, no one’s going to turn down a big pile of cash and gear.  And everybody who plans to sit this contest out will at least get the opportunity to see some entertaining clips.

Good luck to all.