YouTube Announces Uploader Software

    November 15, 2007

The YouTube blog has announced a useful piece of software, the YouTube Uploader.

This helps you with the process of uploading multiple videos or large video files (though not long files) by enabling advanced functionality inside your web browser. Install the software and you can upload video in any Windows browser (even Opera!) on the Multi-Video Upload page, queuing all your videos so you can let them go up overnight.

The Uploader not only manages the uploading of more than one file, it also lets each file break the 100-megabyte file size limit. Each file can be up to one gigabyte in size, though they still must be under 10 minutes in length. If you have a YouTube Director or other special account, you can break the 10 minute barrier, too, making the larger size limit even more useful.

Google must feel pretty confident in its ability to find and remove copyrighted videos to allow giant files to be uploaded. It’s nearly impossible for copyright violators to get Director accounts, but they could upload a 700-megabyte movie in ten-minute chunks as 50-70 meg files, something Google’s going to have to watch out carefully for.