YouTube and Universal Making a Music Video Site?

Where Does that Leave MTV?

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Update: YouTube has officially announced Vevo.

Original article 03/05: The number one video site in the US and the world’s largest music label are said to be cooking up a deal and a new service. YouTube and Universal Music Group are reportedly in talks to create a premium online music video service.

YouTube has been the go to site for music videos for many people for years. The problem with that is that the music videos there are not legally supposed to be there. This often leads to them getting pulled and makes it frustrating for users, and hard for them to rely on the site for finding the music videos they’re looking for.

In the later part of last year, MTV launched music video site MTVmusic.com. A quick look at Compete data illustrates quite a decline in interest in that since its launch.

There’s no decline to be found with YouTube though, and perhaps that is why a music video site makes good sense there. People are going to continue searching for music videos with YouTube. Why not provide them?

The site would operate separately from YouTube.com, but I would have to imagine it would receive heavy promotion from YouTube itself, driving the users looking for music videos to it. It should be more popular than music video pioneer MTV’s site right out of the bag.

Yinka Adegoke with Reuters reports, "The deal would ideally be broadened out to include videos by artists at the other major music labels — Sony Music, EMI Group and Warner Music Group — in a concept similar to the TV shows available on NBC Universal and News Corp’s Hulu.com."

Keep in mind, the whole deal is only in talks at this point. So let’s not make too much where there isn’t anything. That said, there is a name that the potential service is being referred to as – Vevo.

YouTube and Universal Making a Music Video Site?
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  • http://www.vinfotech.com/ Web design company

    You Tube is older than MTV and it’s popularity is increasing day by day. The day when it will be collaborated with big music industry player, its popularity will surpass that of MTV.

  • http://classic-kung-fu-movies.blogspot.com Biggie Nord

    could anyone really compete youtube any universal?? = bye bye MTV

  • http://www.seosean.com Affordable SEO Services

    I don’t see it being that popular. If you check out the comments on the official announcement page you’ll see people are not to happy with this idea.

    Also Compete data is really in-accurate. I’ve checked out my sites on there and they have me with way more visits than I actually have and then on other sites they have me way below the amount of visitors I really have.

  • Sandy Dupont

    If record company’s do this, what will happen is that people around the world are going to love this. Just take the video (that would be probably in perfect HD vision and sound) and then Convert the file to MP3. So no need to go to I-tunes anymore, Just get Firefox and get the video. Right now quality is sometimes not perfect on youtube. So this keeps people interested in buying the musictrack. I love the idea, but for the music industry economy this would be again less profits. I think it is better to give each band or singer a personal youtube. When your a fan, you are a member for 5USD a month, and you will get all the goodys and special reports. 10 million fans, will bring the artist and record company 50 million USD. what will bring much better video’s , concerts and movies , because they will have money again to make them. And record company’s will have money again to release more talent. Right now, new talent does not have a chance because record company’s don’t want to invest in more.

    • mpheadley

      It’s funny that you mention this, because they block me, as a wedding videographer, from putting up montages for couples’ videos with their songs in them. Why? I own the video portion. How is it hurting them? The montages get maybe 50-100 views a year at most. If anything, it advertises the song and promotes their older library. I still consider it fair (even if it’s not considered “fair use”) to edit video to one of their songs. Ever here of “mashups” WMG and UMG? Even if they have, I doubt they care.

      It’s unrealistic to earn a good revenue from a music video site if they create it, but most importantly, if they do, they officially lose the argument going against my wedding montages that they are protecting the copying of their songs off of youtube.

    • http://www.roomfurniturechina.com wholesale bedroom furniture

      I guess it’s no surprise that Google’s maintaining the overall lead. They have superior search technology, greater vision and have executed some major strategic acquisitions to their favor.

  • http://www.parvoindogs.com parvo

    This deal will surely click all music fans out there. Between MTV and the tandem of Youtube and Universal Music, I bet Youtube-Universal will topple down MTV. Youtube is getting popular, day by day.

  • http://www.semwisdom.com Maria

    Check out more the video about Vevo: http://www.semwisdom.com/blog/vevo

  • http://www.promatics.in/ web development company

    yes, it is very necessary as Youtube.com has taken decision against the privacy & erms which users doesn’t consider to upload the genuine video or contents, & congrats Youtube.com for this action to launch . .

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