YouTube And The Brazilian Sex Video

    January 4, 2007

YouTube cannot seem to stay away from controversy. From being sued and threatened both domestically and globally over copyright issues to the latest scandal south of the border. This new trouble involves a video of a Brazilian model and her boyfriend “befriending” one another on a beach and in the water.

Daniela Cicarelli, a model and ex-wife of soccer star Ronaldo, sued YouTube after a video of her having sex with her boyfriend in the water was posted on the site. A Brazilian court has ordered YouTube to be shut down until the video is removed from the site.

There would seem to be an easy solution to this problem. Remove the video and be done. Its not that simple as the video was one of the most viewed in Brazil and was repeatedly uploaded to YouTube. Cicarelli and her boyfriend Tato Malzoni have filed to require that YouTube remove the video and are asking for $116,000 for each day it remains on the site.

Perhaps Cicarelli would have better luck if she phoned Paris Hilton or Pamela Anderson for advice or she could just let the whole thing blow over. If she waits long enough someone else will surely take her place as the next flavor of the month.

The video itself is fairly mild, think PG-13 and is as grainy as the Zapruder film.

As for Google and YouTube I doubt they are that concerned about the Brazilian court ruling. Legal experts believe that the court order will be nearly impossible to enforce in the US.

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