YouTube Adds New Play Icon to Browser Tabs to Help Alleviate a Very Annoying Problem

Josh WolfordTechnology

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YouTube has just made a small tweak that makes me very, very happy - and it'll make you happy too if you're the type of person who consistently browses the web with dozens of tabs open at the same time.

Now, when a video is playing, YouTube will indicate that with a new play icon that appears in your browser tab. Check it out:

You know when something starts blaring in your headphones and you don't know where it's coming from, so you have to click through all of your tabs to find the culprit. Well, as long as the culprit is a YouTube video, this new feature should eliminate the guesswork.

And let's be honest, the problem is usually YouTube. The site autoplays all videos when you click the link - and that leads to a bunch of confused audio when you're a tab-happy browser.

The new play icon also shows up during ads - so that's a huge bonus.

Sometimes it's the small things, you know?

[h/t The Verge]
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