YouTomb Tracks Videos Pulled From YouTube

    May 20, 2008

YouTomb, a site focused on tracking all the videos that have been removed from YouTube for copyright violation, is a research project at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The people who created the site are the MIT Free Culture student group. YouTomb says it,"Continually monitors the most popular videos on YouTube for copyright-related takedowns. Any information available in the metadata is retained, including who issued the complaint and how long the video was up before takedown."

"The goal of the project is to identify how YouTube recognizes potential copyright violations as well as to aggregate mistakes made by the algorithm."

YouTomb records the title of each video that is removed from YouTube along with a description of the video, who uploaded it, when it was taken down and a few screen shots. There are no actual videos that visitors to the site can watch.

The site is currently monitoring 223,246 videos and has flagged 4,396 videos that have been taken down for alleged copyright violation.

The companies that have removed the most videos include, TV Tokyo Corporation, Viacom International Inc, Warner Bros. Entertainment, and World Wrestling Entertainment.

YouTomb says its initial focus is on videos hosted by YouTube, but it is also interested in other video collections.

Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Web sites are protected from legal action if they remove infringing content after receiving a takedown notice from the copyright holder.