YourDoctor Resurrected As Healthline

    October 12, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

The former, which chewed through $24 million in its pre-dot com bust days, will reappear officially as Healthline, a search engine for consumer health care.

Erick Schonfeld dropped a post about Healthline and its forthcoming public emergence from beta on October 24th.

The site focuses on consumer healthcare, and will utilize the content created by some 1,100 doctors for the original site. Healthline will limit its searches to 62,000 health sites. That doctor-provided content would complement results on some 3,000 conditions and diseases.

For those 3,000 topics, Healthline will create a flowchart-like interactive map that shows other content related to the topic. Also, anatomical illustrations will be provided from A.D.A.M. to accompany search results.

Schonfeld notes the most compelling feature in Healthline, its medical taxonomy:

Healthline’s robust medical taxonomy can categorize your search and suggest ways to broaden or narrow it. For example, “cancer” can be narrowed to “lung cancer,” “breast cancer,” or “neuroblastoma.” Under the hood, Healthline can also map 800,000 consumer health terms with 64 million medical synonyms. So if you type in “heart attack” it knows to bring up pages about “myocardial infarction” that may not even mention heart attack. You can also save and tag your searches.

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