Your Tattoo Is Currently Wanted By The FBI

    July 18, 2012
    Zach Walton
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One of the easiest ways to identify certain people is by their tattoo. Various crime organizations, most notably the Yakuza, use tattoos as a calling card. Others just get tattoos out of self expression. The FBI doesn’t care why you got it – they just want to store it in a massive database.

On Friday, the FBI sent out a request for information on any existing tattoo databases. The idea here is that they want to collect the information from local law enforcement to create a giant database of tattoos and what they mean. Specifically, the FBI is interested in a tattoo’s “possible meanings, gang affiliations, terrorist groups or other criminal organizations.”

The program is part of a larger operation from the FBI that is wanting to use biometrics to identity potential criminals. The FBI wants the technology to identify threats only through “voice and face recognition, handwriting, palmprints, scars, marks and tattoos.” It seems pretty reasonable considering that a lot of these things do help identify criminals. So what’s the big deal with the FBI wanting to create a database of tattoos?

Mashable repots that many immigrant communities are skeptical about the program and think it’s just a way to deport innocent civilians. It also raises a lot of civil liberty questions as such a program can lead to profiling – racial or otherwise.

Of course, this reeks of what we’ve been hearing about the NSA lately and their reportedly massive domestic spying program. The FBI could use biometrics information in a similar way to keep tabs on not just criminals, but everybody else.

Besides, if the FBI wants to target me with a tattoo, there are a multitude of ways around it. One of the easiest is to just warp your skin through weight gain or other methods that makes the tattoo ever so slightly different. The idea of creating an entire database centered around tattoos, which are easily susceptible to change, is all kinds of ridiculous.

  • http://gardengrovefindhomes.com John

    “…..and think it’s just a way to deport innocent civilians”

    If they are here illegally they are not “innocent”. They are breaking the law.

    • http://www.infowars.com Banatu

      I remember a headline some years ago (not at webpronews, was NBC or some such) saying “New Bill Makes Illegal Immigration a Crime”. Things like that make me feel smart.

      I find this tattoo database most disturbing because of the bit about “terrorist groups or other criminal organizations”. Since the FBI keeps putting out their little ‘terrorist hunter’ sheets as part of their be-a-good-comrade-and-narc-on-your-neighbor campaign, saying people that pay for coffee with cash, are concerned about privacy, or read the constitution are terrorists, it basically means they’re trying to collect information on people like me.

      Have a look for yourself: http://publicintelligence.net/fbi-suspicious-activity-reporting-flyers/

    • Andrew

      I was just about to say what John said. If more people were deported for being here completely illegally, the better this country would be.

      • Perhaps

        You are right, it is important to deport these people. They have only been brought to the US to create problems for Americans, so that Americans are too busy worrying about illegals to see that politicians are staling their liberty.

        Eventually you need to go back on citizenship given to illegals, where they aren’t “high flyers”, because ordinary Americans didn’t want immigration on this scale. You also need to invalidate citizenship given to children born to illegal immigrant parents.

        You are going to lose your country if you don’t make illegal immigration a costly waste of time for illegals.

        • http://cass-hacks.com Craig

          I’ve read reports that have said that recently, immigration has seen the fewest arrests of illegal immigrants from Mexico for a long time, ~500,000.

          Why? The Mexican economy is doing better than the US economy!

          That’s the administration’s plan, slaughter our economy so that no one will want to come here illegally to get a job!

          I wish I would have thought of that! We could have totally open borders and forget about checking passports because no one in their right mind would want to come here.

          The next step though, strengthen the walls on the INSIDE so that no one in their right mind is ever able to get out.

          Hmmm, I love the smell of a napalmed economy in the morning, reminds me of, socialism!

  • http://www.zazzle.com/gkrew1* DC

    I am surprised they don’t have one. many TV cop shows over years always have some anti-drug unit that has a database of tattoos and markings to compare photos and/or suspects to. I would think the real law enforcement agencies would have such databases too.

    • Not_Home

      Don’t kid yourself, DC. They undoubtedly already have it and are just sending our feelers to see how much of an up-roar is going to develop when they “out” it.

  • A. Weiner

    Welcome to the U.N’s new United Police States of America, the New World Order.

    Yes, you are being profiled. The more they know about you, the better the chance they can defeat and control you.

    You will be herded up like cattle, DNA swabbed, eye scanned and implanted with your newly assigned RFID chips.

    Your lives will be forever tracked and controlled.