Google Makes Facebook Pages a Higher Priority for Businesses

Google Gets Biggest Missing Piece in Real-Time Search Puzzle

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Google announced via Twitter this week, that public status updates from Facebook are now included in the search engine’s real-time search feature. That means the largest social network in the world is getting play in Google’s real-time search alongside Twitter, MySpace, and others, and these real-time results are often featured prominently on the first page of search results for the hottest queries.

Apparently only updates from Facebook PAGES are indexed, and according to Danny Sullivan, that includes links, status updates, photos, videos shared by page owners (not comments made by the fans).  Any Facebook update (from regular user profiles) can be shared publicly, so I wonder why these aren’t being pulled. Results from Twitter and other places aren’t only from branded sources.

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This seems to indicate that brands should be getting a good amount of play for Facebook appearances in Google’s real-time search results, and possibly in the real-time search results in general (due to Facebook’s huge user-base). Right now, Facebook isn’t dominating the results, but that is bound to change with it being the largest (by far) social network on the web.

Google Announces that Facebook status updates are now included in Google's real-time search results

A lot of brands who don’t have Facebook pages in place are likely going to consider this a new reason to create one. Here are some tips for making a good one and promoting it.

This should also lead to Facebook Pages getting more fans, due to the increased exposure. Beware, however, that running a promotion on your Facebook Page may cost you ten thousand dollars, because Facebook’s policy guidelines indicate that you must get written approval from a Facebook account rep. In order to get one of those, you must spend that much in advertising, according to Eric Eldon of Inside Facebook.

Now Google’s real-time search results include (as listed by Sullivan) Facebook, MySpace, Twiter, Google Buzz, FriendFeed, Jaiku, Identi.ca, TwitArmy, Google News links, penis enlargement, Google Blog Search links, new web pages, and freshly updated pages. At this point, Google generally only shows the real-time results for newsy/trending topics. 

Note: At the Online Marketing Summit out in San Diego, WebProNews talked about a different kind of real-time search that involves local businesses, with RateItAll president Lawrence Coburn. It’s not local search as you would traditionally think of it, but it involves location, which one might consider a new kind of query.

Google Makes Facebook Pages a Higher Priority for Businesses
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  • http://battlegroundpcworld.blogspot.com/ Carole Thomas

    Wow if thats the new trends of Google I think I’ll gonna be focusing on my Facebook account, for the real traffic. Thanks for the info….

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    I guess now would be a good time to spend on a social media campaign for the biz. Just another avenue to learn in trying to get page rank and SEO. Thanks for the information.

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  • Guest

    What Google trying to do? I dont understand but The idea behind shooting ur comment in 1st page of Google that really doesnt make sense!

    Now Business owner need to play around Facebook Twitter & MySpace!. Current edge of internet & deep understanding of internet by surfers are not balanced yet. I mean that how many people knows (Why i should promote any website in my status or comments).

    Does Google has given any idea behind it. As they always claim that surfer should get what ever they search in just 2 clicks. Does it convey their quality?

    If anyone know please tell me, I am interested to know atchual idea behind it?

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    Thank you for the article Chris.

  • http://www.MasterLinker.com MasterLinker

    It appears Facebook is starting to mature into a true tool that businesses can use to promote their products/services. It’s too bad Facebook has the $10k ad requirement…it almost seems like extortion.

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    it was something that really em-brassed me!!!!I dont think Google will do or blend there algorithms for a particular website..

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  • http://analyticasystemsinc.com/blog/ John R. Sedivy

    Thank you for sharing this – I had not heard about Facebook indexing page updates. My hope is that this will clean up the Facebook space a bit and have businesses move away from the practice of incorrectly creating profiles and instead, create pages. It certainly seems that this may be a motivation given that they are indexing only status updates from the business on pages.

    I promote the use of social media heavily with my consulting business and this just adds to the value of creating a strong business presence on Facebook. Thanks again for sharing this information.

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    That means facebook is and will become a huge target for marketing

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    Thanks for the tip on Google and Facebook. I can now see I need to spend more Time on Facebook than I have in the past.

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  • Noel

    Knew this had to happen sooner or later! This will only increase the importance of social networking sites, the traditional webpage as we have all known it is slowly dying.


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    When the web first arrived it leveled the playing field for small business. It cut the cost of advertising, reduced the need to do yellow pages and returned value to the searcher by way of increased information delivered inexpensively. These advantages may soon be lost if a business requires a full time person to maintain several web pages abd keep fresh blogs etc.

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