Young Europeans Love Their Text Messaging

    November 30, 2007

E-marketer delivered a Forester study today that showed that 92% of young mobile users in certain European countries report sending SMS text messages on their phone.

62% report sending MMS (multi-media) messages on their phone. But only 21% report using their phone to send or receive email.

SMS usage statistics in EuropeWhat’s this have to do with social media marketing and why is a social media agency sharing the information?

While we’re all working to figure out social media marketing and how it’s going to work, there’s a pretty big platform change racing toward us. With PC sales declining in Japan already (and the rest of the world ahead of the U.S. in mobile technology), we need to keep in the back of our mind that much of this is going to port to the small screen, potentially fairly soon.

And as ad models evolve, fitting meaningful (to both the consumer and the marketer) ads on the small screen is a challenge that needs to be solved. More likely, in my view, is that someone smart will find a way to give away packages of SMS messages in exchange for sponsorships.

But, social media marketers, let’s keep the cell phone future in your thoughts as we move forward. Facebook has going mobile web (picture below from this article on CrunchGear). Everyone will eventually go mobile. How does that impact your social media marketing plans?

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