You Want Fries With That iPod?

    May 31, 2005

We have two examples of how technology is being used to slow down fast food in the hopes it will bring more people into these restaurants and keep them there a bit longer. In both cases, music plays a large role in making these environments more appealing.

McDonald’s is offering tunes for download and Kentucky Fried Chicken has a free digital jukebox that offers music based on location-R&B in urban locations and Top 40 in suburban stores. Disclaimer: Kentucky Fried Chicken is a client of my employer.

Starbucks is playing out a similar strategy. And, similar to my Starbucks post, I will wonder aloud if Ronald McDonald or Colonel Sanders will be sporting white ear buds anytime soon.

Side note: Chris Pirillo sees a much more interesting connection between fast food and high technology.

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