You The Next Cronkite? Yahoo! Says ‘Maybe’

    June 21, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Yahoo! is rumored to be launching a citizen journalist website at the end of June that will allow event spectators to record news using camera phones and upload it directly to the site.

Yahoo! has not confirmed or denied this, but an inside source was quite articulate about the plan to Red Herring.

According to the article, the project was inspired by the flood of imagery captured by mobile phone cameras after the London subway bombings of last year.

Though the ability to upload videos to the site sans computer will not be a reality at the launch of the site, Yahoo! is said to be developing a wireless transmission short-code technology based on Manufacturing Message Specification (MMS).

Uploading video files from traditional digital video recorders via a computer with an Internet connection would work too, of course.

Yahoo! is looking into how to compensate citizen journalists when they upload news, but faces the hurdle of verifying original sources. Red Herring’s source kicks around the idea of GPS tracking to verify videos actually come from the location in which they were shot.


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