You Just Need a Few Good Clones

    July 28, 2003

Have you ever seen the movie “Multiplicty?”

Well, in this movie, actor Michael Keaton plays an individual who ends up over his head with too much work to do. He ends up getting offered a chance to eliminate some of the work by being “cloned.”

Well, he ends up being cloned and his clone goes to work for him at his job. Then, he clones himself again for this one to take care of the work at home. Then, one of the clones has themselves cloned. Well, you get the idea.

Well, because of confusion and other problems, having a few clones around didn’t work very good for Michael Keaton in the movie.

BUT…Cloning will work for You.

Of course, I am not talking about literal human clones. Besides the moral and religious problems this type of action would bring up, I really wouldn’t want to deal with another one of me around here…with those bad attitudes and all.

The kind of cloning I am talking about is how you can clone your online business efforts. Working on top rankings for the search engines, posting classified ads, writing your own newsletter, and coming up with content for your web site is a LOT of work.

You can wear yourself out trying to do everything experts claim you “need” to do in marketing online. You have to find a better way.

Here come the clones…

Although I still do many of the methods above…and dozens of other techniques, I don’t rely on them. As a matter of fact, there are times I don’t do any type of advertising whatsoever…not even post a single message on a discussion group.

I may be busy helping a client, taking a vacation, or working on a new web site. Whatever the reason, there are times I just don’t advertise.

Guess what? Most of my traffic just continues right along. The opt-in list keeps growing. The orders keep coming in.

The reason is that I have “clones” doing the work for me.

Let me tell you the names of a few of them.

1. Free Content

I give full permission for anyone to use any free article I write in their ezines, on their sites, or even in their magazines.

Every article has a little resource box for me at the bottom and brings more traffic…and sales into my site.

It is a Win-Win situation. The person using the article gets to have content for their newsletter or for their web site to give themselves a greater credibility. I get to receive extra traffic without spending any time or money.

If you want to have more content for your site, newsletter, or magazine, feel free to take some of the articles at:

2. Free Electronic Books

My first electronic book, “101 High Profit Businesses You Can Start Online With Little Or NO Money,” was created and given to my subscribers as a Christmas present last year. Little did I know the chain reaction which would start.

Immediately people started requesting permission to post this book at their sites. Of course, I said yes. Soon, there were near a thousand sites which had it listed.

Does that bring in traffic? You can bet your bottom dollar that it does. So, I have updated it and you can pick up the new version at my site at

3. Free Polls for Your Web Site

The best way to find out what your visitors and customers want is to ask them…right? The simple reason most webmasters don’t ask is because it is difficult to both ask and keep track of the results.

So, we installed a program called PollWorld on our site. Using this program, you can create polls for your web site and it will keep track of the results for you…and only allow one vote from each visitor so there is no cheating. You can check the results at any time.

Webmasters now have an easy tool for finding out exactly what their visitors think or want. What do we get out of it? We get traffic as the poll also has a link to us. It is Win-Win situation for both the webmasters and us.

If You Would Like to Start Polling Your Visitors for Free Go here now:

4. Free Traffic

Every webmaster wants more traffic so we created a traffic building programs. The HitTrafficker, lets you join for free and start linking with other web sites in a leveraged fashion. If you sign up and promote it, you can quickly have hundreds or even thousands of sites out there promoting your web site for you.

The HitTrafficker is at

5. Free Referrals

The best visitor you could ever have is someone who visits your site because one of their friends referred them. The problem is that most of the time their friends forget to refer them to you. By using a referral script on your site, you can give them an opportunity to recommend your site to their friends quickly and easily.

A referral script is a pretty easy script to install on a site, but many people don’t want to mess with that kind of stuff. So, I have set it up so other webmasters can use my referral script to refer friends to their sites.

The Webmasters get referrals without having to mess with CGI scripts, and I get a little link on the bottom of the emails. It is another Win-Win situation.

You can read details about this at:

6. Free Income

Affiliate programs can put your web site profits into overdrive. You are only one person, but when thousands of people start promoting your site, sales can really start to happen.

Your affiliates get another profit stream to add to their multiple streams of income. You get traffic. It is an extremely fair trade where both sides Win again.

Now You have seen my clones…

They often do much of my traffic building work for me.

Do you have any “computerized” clones working for you?

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